Best JNH Lifestyles Infrared sauna reviews 2020

Here are the best  JNH lifestyles infrared sauna reviews 2020 you can use to determine the type of sauna you should have in your home.

Imagine, coming home from a long day’s work and heading straight into a sauna for a relaxing evening. Well, this can be something any homeowner can look forward to. Saunas are efficient tools for natural healing and disease prevention. Today, millions of people around the world are experiencing numerous benefits from the use of home saunas. And with the availability of different brands of saunas, finding one that values your sauna experience can be quite difficult. This is what makes JNH infrared sauna a unique experience for sauna lovers. The initials JNH stand for Joyful, Natural, Healthy living.

Here are the best one person JNH Lifestyles Infrared Saunas.

Here are the best two person JNH Lifestyles Infrared Saunas.

Here are the best three and four person JNH Lifestyles Infrared Saunas.

Best One Person JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna Reviews

The mission of JNH lifestyle infrared sauna is to help their clients improve their lives through healthy living. And, this is made possible by the use of JNH infrared saunas. Healthy living makes it possible for you to achieve your aspirations and dreams. You also get to acquire numerous benefits like detoxification, better sleep, relaxation, and weight loss, among others.

And with the availability of JNH saunas, it becomes quite easy for you to choose the size of the sauna you desire for your home. So, here are the top 1 person JNH sauna reviews you can look at when purchasing a new sauna.

#1: JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Any sauna user can tell you that there is nothing quite satisfying like spending time alone in a heated room relaxing. However, not all infrared saunas offer users the same feeling. Some tend to be too hot, while others just the right temperature. The JNH lifestyle joyous 1 person infrared sauna is different. And here are some of the reasons why.  Check latest price here. 

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1 Person Canadian Hemlock Wood Far Infrared Sauna

Easy to assemble

Home saunas are meant to be completely different from commercial saunas. And one of the most significant differences lies in assembly. For a home sauna to fit in a small amount of space, it should be easy to assemble and pull apart. This is precisely what the lifestyle Joyous infrared sauna can do.

Its tool-free design makes it easy to assemble the sauna within hours. You can also easily dismantle the sauna and transport it to different locations whenever necessary.

Dual-wall insulation

The reason why saunas stay hot for long periods is because of in-built measures that ensure the sauna retains its temperature. One of these in-built measures is dual-wall insulation. This insulation ensures that the sauna can retain temperature within and not release it to the environment.

It also ensures that the sauna can fit in a tight space and not have a functioning problem. The most sauna cannot fit in tight spaces without experiencing insulation and heat expansion. But, the dual-wall insulation of the JNH joyous infrared sauna prevents this from happening.

T&G Construction

Tongue and groove construction is a method that allows you to fit similar objects together. It is mainly used with wood materials. The JNH joyous sauna has this type of construction making it quite easy to assemble for use.

Material used

The JNH Joyous infrared sauna is made using top quality hemlock wood. The wood is unstained and untreated making it safe for use. You can also be certain that the wood is completely chemical-free. Hemlock wood gives the sauna a natural and beautiful look that easily blends with whatever style you have in your house.

See-through door

The see-through door is designed using special safety glass that ensures the sauna retains its high temperature. It also offers users better visibility while inside the sauna.

LED lighting

Unlike any other sauna, the Joyous infrared sauna stands out because of this particular feature— LED lighting. The LED lights are long-lasting ensuring that you get to use the sauna for many years. The lights are also more cost-efficient compared to normal light bulbs.

Sound system

When it comes to entertainment, the Joyous infrared sauna does not disappoint. This sauna comes with two premium speakers and a Bluetooth amplifier. It also includes volume controls and a remote.

Digital Control Panel

The Joyous infrared sauna also comes with a digital control panel, that enables you to control the sauna’s temperature when using it.


The last and most essential feature of this sauna is its heaters. This sauna comes equipped with six Carbon fiber far infrared heaters that are not only high-quality but also located in areas that maximize the distribution of heat.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can control temperatures as you desire


  • Has room for only one person

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#2. JNH Lifestyles NE1HB Ensi One Person Infrared Sauna

For anyone who wants to sit in silence and enjoy a relaxing evening, then this 1- person sauna is just for you. This JNH lifestyle sauna comes equipped with heaters that are not only carbon fiber but also zero EMF emitters. The number of heaters is six in total, and this helps ensure the proper distribution of heat. Also, the heaters are located at the calf, back, and side areas.  Check latest price here.

The location of the heaters helps in maximizing heat distribution. Thus, ensuring you get to enjoy your sauna sessions at all times. Other benefits of this sauna include:

JNH Lifestyles NE1HB Ensi Infrared Sauna

T&G construction

The NE1HB infrared sauna has a unique construction that enables you to assemble it without the use of numerous. All you need is a screwdriver to assemble the sauna efficiently. The T&G construction also ensures that the sauna is durable and can withstand transportation to different locations.

Easy to detach

Since JNH sells all its saunas online, one thing they do take into consideration is the assembly of each sauna once it arrives at its destination. And the JNH NE1HB sauna is no exception. It is quite easy to assemble and pull apart whenever necessary.

Dual-wall insulation

The reason why people spend time in a sauna is to experience the heat. And, to ensure that this sauna continues to accomplish this purpose, JNH included dual-wall insulation. The purpose of this insulation is to ensure that the sauna has optimal heat retention.

Tempered glass

The doors and windows of the JNH NE1HB infrared sauna are made from tempered glass. The reason for the use of tempered glass is because it can withstand high temperatures, which is something other materials cannot withstand. The glass windows and doors also provide sauna users with better visibility while inside the sauna. It also helps to eliminate claustrophobic feelings.

Materials used

The JNH NE1HB infrared sauna is constructed with top-quality hemlock wood. The wood is chemical-free, and this makes it the perfect material for any sauna.

Sound system

Almost everybody loves listening to music while relaxing. And, this sauna allows you to do exactly that. This sauna comes with two speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to listen to an audiobook, your favorite podcast, or playlist. The sound system also comes with a remote you can use to adjust the volume and turn the speakers on and off.

Control pad

The best part about using a sauna is the ability to adjust the temperature to suit your preference. This is possible with the digital control pad. It allows you to change the heat of the sauna and also set time while in the sauna.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It is durable


  • Suitable for use by one person at a time

Why do we recommend this sauna?

JNH is known for its unique sauna designs. And the JNH Ensi Infrared Sauna is no exception. With its durability, you get to use the sauna for a long duration of time compared to other saunas.


#3. JNH Lifestyles MG101RB Freedom 1 person far Infrared Sauna

Do you want to lose some weight? Get rid of toxins? Improve your blood circulation? Enjoy your sleep? Well, all these aspects are achievable using the JNH Lifestyles MG101RB Freedom Infrared Sauna. Even if you are looking for a place to relax, then this JNH lifestyle freedom sauna has got you covered. Being a one-person sauna, you can expect a small room structure that can only fit one person. It also has low ELF and low EMF.  Check latest price here.  

ELF simply means extremely low frequency. This means that its electromagnetic spectrum yields a reading between 3 to 30 hertz. If the reading was higher than that it can affect your health. Thus, the JNH lifestyles freedom sauna is good for you. Here are some other product specifications that make this sauna unique:

JNH Lifestyles MG101RB Freedom Infrared Sauna

T&G Construction

T&G Construction is a method that fits two identical wooden objects. This ensures the sauna walls and floors have strong bonds when connected from one corner to another. This helps in the transformation of flat objects into a flat-surface

Carbon Fiber Infrared Heaters

The key element of any sauna is its heaters. And this is no exception with the JNH lifestyle freedom sauna. This sauna is equipped with six carbon far-infrared heaters that help in the generation of hot air. These heaters are located at the leg, back, and calf areas. This helps maximize the heat the sauna produces. The heat helps your body get rid of toxins and makes it easy to sweat.

Materials used

The construction of the JNH freedom sauna uses cedarwood. This wood has numerous advantages. And one of its most significant benefits is its durability. Cedarwood can resist decay, rot, and insect attacks. This, in turn, ensures that your sauna lasts long as well. It is also resistant to moisture absorption, meaning that the sauna does not require regular maintenance. It is eco-friendly and less expensive compared to other wood options.

Dual wall construction

This is also a crucial aspect of construction for any sauna. The construction of a sauna determines whether the hot air it generates escapes outside or remains inside the room. This is what makes dual wall construction important. This type of construction ensures that not hot air escapes outside. Thus, ensuring that you get to enjoy your session comfortably.

Also, dual wall insulation is also environmentally friendly, as it ensures your sauna uses less electricity by not allowing the hot air to escape.

Sound system

Sometimes, sitting in a sauna can be incredibly boring. To help liven things up while in the sauna, JNH lifestyle freedom has installed 2 remote speakers with a remote and blue tooth capability. You can now enjoy your favorite playlist as you relax in the sauna.

Control panel

Another great benefit of installing the JNH lifestyle freedom sauna is that you can easily adjust the temperature depending on the amount of heat you prefer. Also, the control panel interface is quite simple to use.


  • Useful for getting rid of toxins
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is durable


  • Only one person at a time can use the sauna

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Best Two Person JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna Reviews

#4. JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 NE2HB Two Person Infrared Sauna

Nothing beats a sauna when it comes to relaxing your body after a long day’s work. However, not every sauna can give you the same benefits as an infrared sauna. And this is what makes the JNH NE2HB1 NE2HB Infrared Sauna quite popular. Check latest price here.

Some of the features you can expect from this sauna include:

JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 NE2HB Infrared Sauna

Excellent insulation

Every perfect sauna ensures that not heat is lost while in use. And to ensure that this is possible, the JNH NE2HB1 NE2HB sauna has a dual-wall insulation system that enables the heat to remain inside. You do not have to worry about heat loss while inside the sauna.


It comes fitted with seven carbon fiber heaters, which are strategically placed to ensure maximum heat coverage. Also, the heaters generate an ultra-low EMF. What does this mean in terms of sauna efficiency? An ultra-low EMF for any infrared sauna is an indication that the device is more efficient. And when your sauna is more efficient, you will ultimately get better results during every session.

Safety glass

One of the best features of the JNH NE2HB1 NE2HB infrared sauna is its safety glass. It is designed in a manner that enables it to tolerate high temperatures from the sauna. The glass also provides users with proper visibility while inside the sauna. This helps eliminate the feelings of claustrophobia.


Another unique aspect of the JNH NE2HB1 NE2HB infrared sauna is the two speakers that come attached to the sauna. The speakers come with Bluetooth connectivity and a remote that allows you to adjust volume according to your desire. Say goodbye to long boring sauna sessions. You can finally listen to podcasts, your favorite playlist, or audiobook.

Digital control pad

The available digital control pad gives you the ability to adjust your sauna’s temperature easily. You can also set specific time durations for every sauna session.

Materials used

The materials used to create this sauna is top-quality Hemlock wood. The reason why this wood is preferred to other different types of wood is because of its environmentally friendly aspects. It contains no plywood or chemicals.

Easy to assemble

Unlike the 1-person sauna, assembling a 2-person sauna can look like a difficult task. However, the JNH JNH NE2HB1 NE2HB does not have an issue especially when it comes to assembly. Installing this sauna is quite easy, and it takes just two hours to do so. You opt to assemble the sauna yourself or have a partner do it for you.


  • It offers better heat insulation because of its dual-wall feature.
  • It comes with entertainment features and displays that make the sauna session entertaining
  • It gives off a low EMF reading


  • The weight of this sauna may be more and can sometimes become difficult to lift

So what makes this sauna exceptional?

The first thing that makes this sauna exceptional is its sitting allowance. This a 2-person sauna, meaning you can enjoy sauna sessions with your loved ones. It also comes with powerful entertainment speakers that makes a difference in every session.

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#5. JNH Lifestyles MG217HB Joyous 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

After a long and tiring day, nothing matches a quiet and relaxing sauna session. With this sauna, you bring all the health benefits closer to you. The sauna is highly affordable and made to fit in the house without messing the interior decoration. It is easily portable and effortless to assemble with just a screwdriver. The manufacturers wholly deliver it, and in case of any problem, they work until you are satisfied.  Check latest price here. 

These are some of its top features.

JNH Lifestyles MG217HB Joyous 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna


The Canadian hemlock wood is the primary material used in constructing the sauna. It has a double wall which has the purpose of heat insulation and external protection from hazards. The sauna is assembled using the tongue and groove assembly, which is simple and creates a sturdy construction. It has a functional sound system and comes with a control panel, which is both simple and users friendly.

The material used in construction

The Canadian western hemlock wood is used in the creation of the sauna. The wood has a history of making ceilings, ladders, and boats. With such a legacy, it is the best wood for any sauna. Its longevity comes from its durable species, and the tanning in it prevents savaging from termites. The wood is assembled using the tongue and groove. This assembly makes the walls tight and firm from any form of destruction. It gives the mural a flush finishing, which contains the heat within the sauna. There is a natural gap between the slat, which is left on purpose to allow the wood to expand and contract easily without cracking during the heating process.

The carbon fiber heaters

The sauna is outfitted with seven carbon fiber heaters. They are strategically fixed to ensure efficient heat emission and even heat distribution. The heat emission is from the whole surface area of the radiator, which prevents some specific warm places. Each heater is placed directly to the side of the body, the calves, and the back to ensure direct contact with the infrared waves.

Sound system and control panel

What a climaxing experience of having the best moment while listening to your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobook. It is a great experience, especially after a tiresome body works out. The sound system comes with two premium speakers; a remote, Bluetooth enabled with an on and off button, and volume control. The sauna comes with an LED control panel. It has an easy and friendly interface that allows you to regulate the amount of heat in the sauna. The control panel helps you to adjust the temperature and extend your stay inside the sauna.

Pros of using this sauna

  • It is firm and long-lasting
  • It has a user-friendly control panel for regulating heat and hence, very comfortable to use.
  • It detoxifies the body during the sweat session and leaves the skin glowing.
  • It is easy to assemble with just a screwdriver

Cons of using this sauna

  • It contains a maximum number of two and therefore not suitable for a large family.

Why do we recommend it?

The sauna has enough space for two adults. For an intimate getaway for two people, it is worth having this sauna. It offers all the sauna benefits at an affordable price. The sauna is tested, and it emits shallow electromagnetic fields during the session.


#6. JNH Lifestyles MG201RB Freedom 2 person far Infrared Sauna

What makes a sauna session relaxing and enjoyable, well the answer lies in the type of sauna you select. If the sauna you are using is substandard, then the sauna session will be entirely below average. But, if your sauna is top-quality, then your sessions will be completely relaxing. Check latest price here.

The JNH MG201RB Freedom Infrared Sauna is a top-quality sauna with the following features:

JNH Lifestyles MG201RB Freedom Infrared Sauna


Heaters are the backbone of any sauna. They determine how high or low the temperatures can go during every session. They also determine the distribution of heat in the sauna. The type of heaters present in this sauna are carbon fiber heaters. So what makes them different from conventional heaters?

First, just like the name, carbon fiber heaters are made using carbon. The carbon element enables the heater to provide soft radiant heat that penetrates your skin. This makes the sauna sessions efficient despite the lows heat outputs. In JHN MG201RB Freedom Infrared Sauna, there are 7 carbon fiber heaters each in a unique location.

Two heaters each are located at the shoulder side, backside, and leg side while one is located at the calf side. This arrangement offers a uniform distribution to your entire body. The most significant advantage of having these heaters is that they warm up the sauna immediately.

Materials used

The type of material used for this sauna is high-quality red cedar wood. This wood has numerous benefits like natural and better durability. It also gives the sauna an aesthetic appearance. This aspect is what makes the red cedar wood quite popular. Also, the use of this type of wood provides the JNH MG201RB Freedom Infrared Sauna with dimensional stability.

This means that the sauna acquires the ability to maintain its structure after years of use. The wood also has no plywood or chemicals, making it environmentally friendly.

Easy to assemble

There is nothing quite horrible like trying to assemble something, and you just can’t. But with the JNH MG201RB Freedom Infrared Sauna, assembling it is quite easy. The reason why this is possible is due to its tool-free design. This means that you require fewer tools to assemble the sauna.

Digital Control Panel

This sauna provides users with a digital control panel that enables you to adjust temperature while sitting in for a session. Apart from the panel, this sauna also comes fitted with two high-quality speakers. You no longer have to experience boring sessions; all you have to do is plug in your favorite podcast, playlist, or audiobook and enjoy your time in the sauna.

Double wall insulation

Another crucial aspect of any sauna is its heat insulation capability. And to ensure that this sauna functions appropriately, JNH MG201RB Freedom Infrared Sauna comes with double wall insulation. This ensures that no hot air escapes the sauna during use. And to do this, the wall has a double insulation layer.

This ensures that the temperature of the sauna remains the same for hours. Even with lower temperatures, you still get to sweat.

Safety glass

Every sauna has a safety precaution in place. And for this sauna, the safety precaution is the glass. The glass installed in the MG201RB Freedom Infrared Sauna can tolerate high temperatures. It also comes with a see-through feature that allows you to see outside the sauna. This prevents you from having claustrophobic feelings.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Come with a glass safety precaution


  • Comes with limited warranty

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#7. JNH Lifestyles SG2HB 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Thanks to modern technology, it has become quite easy for you to experience a relaxing moment in the comfort of your home while in a sauna. And, this is the comfort JNH SG2HB 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna offers.  Check latest price here.

The features that make this sauna exceptional include:

JNH Lifestyles SG2HB 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna


Despite being a two-person sauna, the SG2HB  2 Person Far Infrared Sauna comes with only 5 carbon fiber heaters. This is by far one of the saunas with the lowest number of heaters. However, despite the low number of heaters; its heat distribution is quite exceptional.

The reason for the excellent distribution is because of the positioning of the heaters. This ensures that your body gets a consistent heating effect while inside the sauna.

Materials used

This sauna is made from top quality Hemlock wood. It is also referred to as Greenwood due to the lack of chemicals used during the construction process. The lack of chemicals also ensures that the sauna is durable and can be used for longer durations of time.


The sauna also comes with in-built speakers that provide the necessary entertainment while inside the sauna. It also comes with remote control and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to listen to your favorite podcasts or playlist while enjoying a steam room session.

Double wall insulation

The essential aspect of any sauna is its ability to retain heat. This sauna comes with an in-built double wall insulation that makes it possible to retain heat while inside the sauna. This insulation also ensures that you acquire maximum benefits from using the sauna.


The safety precaution of this sauna lies in its glass. The glass is built in a way that ensures it can tolerate the sauna’s high temperature. It also comes with see-through features that enable you to see outside while inside the sauna


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with two connectivity speakers


  • Comes with limited warranty

What makes this sauna exceptional?

The reason why this sauna is exceptional is because of its ease to assemble. Customers prefer purchasing machines that do not require lots of effort to assemble. And with its tool-free feature, assembling this sauna is quite easy. You also do not have to take lots of time to assemble the sauna.

Another advantage of using this sauna is its durability. You can use it for years without having it break down. With proper maintenance, this sauna can serve you for years.


Best 3 Person JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna Reviews

#8. JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB 3 person Far Infrared Sauna

Saunas have been around for a long time. They originated from Finland where they are a normal way of life. The first saunas were dug underground. Later they were built on the ground with wooden logs. Today, people have discovered various ways to build them with effective materials to make them both comfortable and efficient. Saunas are known for relaxing the body and various health benefits. JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB Far Infrared Sauna accommodates three people at a time.

It comes with beautiful bells and whistles which add up to a great experience in the sauna. This kind of sauna is infused with 8 carbon fibers. It is quite heavy for delivery and therefore, you have to assemble it at your own compound.  Check latest price here.

The following features make JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB Far Infrared Sauna unique and amazing for your daily use.

JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB MG317HB Far Infrared Sauna

8 carbon fibers

Infrared saunas are unique compared to other saunas. These saunas use the wavelengths to heat the body. Experts categorize them as more of therapy than saunas. This sauna has 8 carbon fibers which is known to produce a rather bearable heat emission and evenly distributed. The carbon fibers are strategically positioned to provide an efficient coverage. The tech behind carbon fiber is recent, meaning it is approved to be the best compared to traditional ceramic materials. The 8 carbon fibers work the best when the sauna has a perfect insulation in place.

Construction and materials

The woods used in these saunas are Canadian hemlock wood. This wood is categorized as a soft wood used in finishing woods for the house ceilings and cupboards. The reason behind is the tanning material inside the wood that makes it unbearable for termites to eat. The woods is 100% pure and no chemicals are added or treatment, which make it safe for the asthmatic users. JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB Far Infrared Sauna has a double wooden wall for heat insulation purposes and heat preservation.

Sound system

It is likely that you want a quiet therapy with no sound whatsoever but music is known as the food to the soul, and choosing your kind of music can be as well relaxing and help you reflect. For perfect therapy, the sauna is accompanied with a two-speaker sound system and a remote. The system is Bluetooth enabled, making it possible to listen to your favorite selection. They have an on/ off button attached to it and volume control for your preferred volume.

Assembly process

This sauna is 300 lbs which makes it hard for delivery at your doorsteps. However, this kind of sauna is extremely easy for assembly. You only require a screwdriver to put it up in your garden or inside the house. They don’t require wiring but with a socket with 120 volts and 20 amps, they are ready to function.


  • It offers health benefits to its users and relaxing the muscles.
  • It is very easy to assemble JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB Far Infrared Sauna
  • It contains 3 people, which allows multiple people to enjoy each other’s company
  • Safe for people with chronological illnesses


  • It is heavy for home deliveries.

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#9. JNH Lifestyles NE3HB1 NE3HB Infrared Sauna

When the body temperatures go high, the body matches the high temperatures by trying to cool the body. The human body reacts by sending impulses to the sweat glands to produce sweat. The sweat is mainly toxins and water. In the process, the body detoxifies, dilates blood vessels for more natural blood circulation, and increases the blood rates. When the heart rates rise, the body converts the stored fats into useable energy.  Check latest price here.

JNH Lifestyles NE3HB1 NE3HB Infrared Sauna

With JNH Lifestyles NE3HB1 NE3HB Infrared Sauna, you get a chance to enjoy all these health benefits and some more at the comfort of your home.


The sauna contains a maximum of three people. The sauna has carbon fibers heaters, which are placed strategically for full house coverage. The material used in construction is pure Canadian hemlock wood. It has a great sound system for maximum bliss in the sauna. The sauna comes with a digital control system to ensure heat regulation for your maximum stay in the sauna. Besides, this sauna is easy to assemble with just a screwdriver.

Video Review:


The material used in construction

Pure without chemical additives Canadian hemlock wood is the primary material used in the building. The wood has a long history of building long-lasting structures. It has an original painting, which makes the wood extremely stunning. The wood has tanning within it, which prevents insects from eating it. In this sauna, no chemicals or plywood addition to the hemlock wood, this makes it safe for any user even to the ones with chronological illnesses. The structure has a double wall to insulate the heat produced by the heaters.

The sauna has a modular design that is initiated by tongue and groove assembly. It requires just a screwdriver to assemble it. With the most straightforward construction, it makes it easier for you to break the sauna and take it to a different location within the house.

Carbon fibers heaters

The sauna is equipped with eight carbon fiber far infrared heaters. They are strategically positioned in the sauna to emit heat evenly. The positioning is intentional to ensure that the user gets in contact with the infrared waves. The positioning is around the calves, directly to the side of the body and in the front. The Intertek tests the saunas with a reading of zero electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Sound system and control panel

The sauna comes with the already installed sound system. The sound system is made to enable you to listen to your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, or your favorite playlist within your comfort. It has two premium speakers for sound amplification. It is Bluetooth enabled, with a remote to turn the speakers on and off. The sauna has a simple control panel to adjust the heat within the cabin.

Comfort and luxury

The sauna is made comfortable and luxurious with the seats, which allow you to lean during the process. The sauna has transparent doors which prevent you from claustrophobia. The sound system within the cabin gives you a high luxurious feeling as you listen to your collection.

Pros of using the sauna

  • It has a dual-wall for heat insulation and hence no high cost of electricity.
  • The sauna comes with a control panel made with your needs in mind to regulate the heat within the sauna.
  • It has exquisite natural color which does not tamper with house décor.
  • The sauna carries a maximum of three people and, therefore, perfect for a smaller family.

Cons of using this sauna

  • The sauna contains a larger group of people and, therefore, less privacy.


Best 4 person JNH Lifestyles Far Infrared Sauna Review

#10. JNH Lifestyles MG417HB Joyous 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna

To reap the results of a good sauna, you need to go out and search for the best in the market. There is no more excellent way than to have it in the comfort of your house. Saunas have significant benefits to the users, and nothing comparable to the sweating session in the saunas. Unlike the traditional ones, infrared saunas have quite bearable heat, which allows you to stay longer in the sauna. The sauna’s structure accommodates four people.

It allows four people at a time, which is a great way to enjoy each other’s company as a family. Their big size enables you to use the sauna for commercial purposes. They come in pieces that are effortlessly assembled in the house or on your backyard, depending on your preference.  Check latest price here.

The following are the features that make this sauna unique.

JNH Lifestyles MG417HB Joyous 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Nine carbon fibers far infrared heaters

The first part of a sauna is the heat and the source. In JNH Lifestyles MG417HB Joyous 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna, the infrared heaters are strategically positioned, for even heat distribution. The heaters are placed at the calf, the side and back of the body. The best thing about the infrared heaters, they do not raise temperature to uncomfortable levels. You can stay in them as long as you want. They use infrared waves that penetrate deeper than heat in ordinary saunas. The heat in these saunas is controllable with a digital control panel, which comes installed in the sauna. Its’ double-wall contains the heat in this sauna.

Materials used for construction

Canadian hemlock wood gives the walls a high quality construction. These Saunas are firmly and solidly built. The wood in this construction is 100% pure without chemicals additives and preservation, making it safe for people with allergies. The wood is famous because of its longevity in terms of time. It contains tanning, which makes it immune to destruction from the termites. It has an exquisite appearance that does not clash with your house decoration.   The double-wall in this sauna is meant to make it stronger and act as an insulator to prevent heat loss during the session

Easy to assemble

This sauna is easy to assemble and break apart. You only need a screwdriver to join it within a few minutes. They only require you to buck up the panel. The tongue and groove make this sauna strong.

LED lights

Lighting in this saunas uses LED lights. The lights consume less energy compared to the ordinary lights and give out efficient light. They create a very intimate atmosphere.

Sound system

Listening to music must be an excellent way to pass the time in the saunas. JNH Lifestyles MG417HB Saunas come with a sound system that has two premium speakers, Bluetooth enabled, and a remote. The system allows you to play your own choice of music as you enjoy the sensation from the sauna.


  • Strong and solid built.
  • Tongue and groove makes the walls stronger.
  • Come with transparent doors for safety.
  • They use Led lights which consume low energy.
  • They have a digital control panel for regulating heat in the sauna.


  • It contains multiple people and could be unsuitable to people who are seeking privacy.

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Review Of The Jnh Lifestyles Sauna Brand

Joyful Natural and Healthy living (JNH) is a brand new company in the market. Within a short time, it has already made a name for itself because of its unique products and customer services. The company has specialized in offering infrared far saunas to the customers worldwide. It has categorically made the saunas in different sizes to ensure that such kind of lifestyle is possible for everyone. It comes in a time when people are choosing infrared saunas over the traditional ones. The saunas are categorized as Joyous, Ensi, Freedom, and Vivo, depending on their features and age. The JNH has a lot going on within its scope. It uses the carbon fibers, which allow a more significant emission of heat and infrared waves. The brand has a unique way of making its saunas to serve the users efficiently for a more extended period. A sauna room expands and contracts due to heat changes. The movement causes the walls to break after a short while. To curb this, JNH offers the durra panel, which prevents the wall breakage. Their saunas require minimum wiring because they offer hanging heater systems. Instead of electrical wiring, the heater is directly connected to the socket. The hanging system simplifies the process of replacing the heater. When the heater breaks, you unscrew it and replace it with a screwdriver.

Tips on Buying and Maintaining JNH Saunas

Before settling for a choice, conduct personal research on what you need to buy. You should know that JNH saunas come in different sizes for convenience and affordability. Consider the following tips before buying JNH saunas. You can check also: Sauna vs Steam Room: Which is better for You?

The JNH Sauna Design and Construction

Construction is the complete outlook. Design and development can tell you about the durability of a thing. JNH saunas are pleasantly looking with sturdy materials that make them durable. Their walls are dual, which makes them stronger and acts as the insulator to prevent heat loss. The wood used in these saunas is brown, making them fit in any house décor. When it comes to comfort, they come with a stable seat within them to maximize your wellbeing. The doors are transparent and are easy to lock and open for security purposes. JNH saunas panels are tongue and groove to make them stronger and easy to assemble.

The carbon fibers infrared heaters

Carbon fibers make the JNH saunas unique and user-friendly. When choosing a sauna, heat is paramount and its source. Unlike traditional saunas, these carbon fibers infrared heaters are the real deal. They emit just the right amount of heat and distribute it evenly. They don’t overheat the room, and therefore, they prolong your stay in them. They are infrared waves that give you a therapeutic experience. The heaters are fixed strategically for efficiency. They are attached at the back of your body, side and the calf. The attachment ensures that your body gets in touch with the waves for relaxation and health benefits.

JNH Sauna size

When looking for a sauna, size is paramount. You want a sauna that is portable and fits in your room or your home. You want to get a sauna, which is flexible when it comes to sizes. Variety flatters you as the buyer because it gives you options to choose from.  JNH saunas come in different sizes considering the number of people you want to use them. They range from a maximum of one to four people depending on the scale. If you are looking for a single sauna for a private getaway, then JNH has you covered. For folks who want bigger saunas for the whole family, there is a larger size that contains four people per session.

The control panels

When choosing a sauna, look for the latest models which offer you an option to regulate the heat inside the sauna. You need a comfortable amount of heat for an extended time in the sauna. JNH has control panels that come inside the sauna. They help you in heat regulation which makes them unique among the other sauna makers

Materials used in construction

Content used is the most important thing to consider before buying a sauna. Materials determine how long the sauna can last. Furthermore, the material used ought to be pure, especially to asthmatic people. JNH saunas are unique because they are of excellent and durable wood. These saunas are made of Canadian hemlock wood. This wood contains tanning, which makes it immune to insects ravaging. They are durable and have a flattering appearance. It has a great color that blends well with your house, decor. You should also know that JNH uses wood in its purest form. They don’t add chemicals for preservation. That factor makes them favorable to people with asthma or any chronological illness.

Extra added features

Consider additional features in the saunas for a maximum adventure. JNH, for example, they offer a sound system in their saunas, with double speaker and remote. They provide after-sale services for people who need a hand in assembling the sauna. Their lights are LED, which preserve energy and ooze a romantic ambiance. They offer a five-year warranty in case of any problem you can have the sauna exchanged.


Cleaning is the smallest commitment you can offer to your sauna. Keep your JNH sauna clean. They are easy to clean, unlike their traditional saunas. Get a custom made sauna cushion to protect the bench from sweat stains Put a towel under your feet to collect the dirt from your feet when you sweat. Maintaining hygiene in your sauna will prevent molds and bacteria from breeding.

In conclusion,

The JNH Lifestyles saunas are the real deal in this era. They are unique from their construction, durable, and ensure that you enjoy your moment to the maximum. The single sauna is natural to deliver since its only 300lbs, and for the heavier ones, they are easy to assemble. With just a screwdriver, you can put the panels together. Last but not least, these saunas are delivered to your doorsteps if you so wish.

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