How Long Should You Wear a Sauna Suit

After buying a sauna suit, many people are uncertain about the time they should wear their new wearable. There are a lot of misconceptions about sauna suits. Also, very few companies provide detailed information about sauna suits in terms of the recommended time frames. Due to these factors, people either overstay in sauna suits and therefore endangering their bodies or staying least time and thus not getting the benefits.

 The following article answers the most asked questions such as:

  • Reasons why there are misconceptions about sauna suits and time
  • How long should you wear a sauna suit?
  • Advantages of being keen with time when it comes to wearing a sauna suit
  • Factors that affect how long one should wear a sauna suit
  • Exceptions when it comes to “ideal time frames” on sauna suits.

How long should you wear a sauna suit

Reasons why there are misconceptions about sauna suits and time

It is interesting that although sauna suits have been around for years, there is little information about sessions. Most companies in this unique market have different approaches when it comes to time recommendations. The main reasons why there is a lot of misconceptions and miseducation in this market include:

  • Lack of a common approach by industry players — companies making the suits
  • Availability of different brands with different makes in the market
  • People have different needs and therefore, a universal approach to time may not work for all people

However, as a consumer, you need to understand that although companies may make suits with different materials and technology, overstaying in a suit is not ideal for your body. Also, less time in a suit may not give the best results.

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How long should you wear a sauna suit for weight loss?

The question of how long one should wear a sauna suit is arguably the most discussed aspect when it comes to sauna suits. While most experts agree that time is a variant factor, there are general timeframes. Some of the periods you should consider when wearing a sauna suit include the following.

5 to 10 minutes

The 5 to 10 minutes threshold is the recommended time for newbies. In addition, it is ideal timing if you are doing vigorous exercise. Most companies have also started making suits that match this threshold. There are two reasons why this threshold is popular among most experts.

First, it does not pose a threat to the body in terms of excessive sweating. The body can handle excessive sweating at this time. Second, the threshold is also ideal if you are unsure about your body’s reaction to excessive sweating.

10 minutes to 60 minutes

If it is not your first time to use a sauna suit, this is the next mark. Unlike the other threshold, which is mainly experimental, you must be an expert. However, you should not exceed 60 minutes in single sessions.

What are some of the factors that you should consider when exercising on this timeframe? First, you should understand that your body is losing weight. Second, you should realize that if not well regulated, you might experience organ failures in the future.

Therefore, you should drink a lot of water when wearing the sauna suit for a longer session. Water and being hydrated is one of the most important tools for regulating sweating and water loss during sessions.

However, you should not wear the sauna suit for this long if you fall under the following categories:

  • Newbies
  • If you have pre-existing conditions
  • In addition, if the exercises are extensive, this is not the right category for you.

 Should you take breaks when wearing sauna suits in practice sessions?


If you are planning to wear a sauna suit for more than ten minutes, you should take breaks. The breaks are ideal for two main reasons. First, they help the body to stabilize after using a lot of energy. Second, taking breaks enables you to practice longer and therefore achieve more in terms of weight loss.

While there is no standard approach to intervals and breaks, it is advisable to take a break after 10 minutes of practicing. During the break, you should drink water and ensure that your body gets the needed rest.

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Factors that affect how long one should wear a sauna suit

The answer to which is the ideal time one should stay in a sauna suit depends on a couple of reasons. Some of the reasons include the following

The age of the user

The age of a user is one of the key determiners of how long one should wear a sauna suit. As people age, the skin changes in different ways. For example, the skin becomes more vulnerable to excessive temperature. On the other hand, older people need sauna treatment more to reverse aging.

The golden rule when determining the time you should take in a sauna suit — in relation to age — is taking a balanced approach. Although heat and sauna treatment, in this case, is ideal in reversing aging, you should know which sessions are working for you and which are not.

Experience in using sauna suits

Is it your first time to use a sauna suit? On the other hand, have you tried a sauna suit before? Understanding your experience in a sauna is an important factor when determining the time you should take in a sauna suit.

If it is your first time, you should start with shorter sessions. Shorter sessions help your body adapt to high temperatures. Also, trying shorter sessions is important because you learn different reasons, for example, the extent to which your skin can handle extremely high temperatures over a more extended period.

However, if you have been in a sauna before, you should take an experimental approach as far as time is concerned. Starting with a 10 minutes session does not have a huge effect on your skin.

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The materials used to make the sauna suit

Different companies have different approaches to making sauna suits. One of the main areas where companies have many differences in making these suits is — material selection. Some companies go for cheaper materials to cut costs and make their materials affordable. On the other hand, some companies have a different approach to materials and therefore making their products expensive.

This approach has a huge impact on the average time one should spend in a sauna. For example, if a company uses high-quality materials, the sauna suit absorbs all the sweat and therefore makes one’s time better. In such a case, you can last longer in a sauna.

On the other hand, cheaper materials make one’s experience during a sauna bath hard. If the sauna suit does not have materials that absorb sweat, you should take shorter sessions and give your skin a chance to take a break.

Recommendations by the manufacturing company

Companies have a mandate to advise consumers on how long to wear a sauna suit. While there are institutions that have a legal mandate to regulate the quality of sauna suits, the designing company has a better understanding of the suit compared to other institutions.

For example, a company may advise the users to break long sessions to five-minute breaks to avoid excessive sweating. On the other hand, a company may use better materials, and in this case, it may encourage people to wear the sauna suits for longer sessions.

Apart from recommending time, the manufacturing company may also advise users on the appropriate temperatures for different people. Therefore, reading manuals and understanding the manufacturer’s recommendations is advisable.

If the user has pre-existing medical conditions

Sauna suits subject the body to extremely hot conditions. Therefore, if somebody has pre-existing medical conditions such as heart conditions or a history of kidney failures, it is advisable to stick to shorter sessions.

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, it is advisable to invest in a better sauna suit. In this case, a better sauna suit has an interior that absorbs excess sweat and prevents your skin from excessive sweating. When investing in a sauna suit, make sure that it has a PVC interior, and the cloth is from a reputable company.

In addition to wearing a sauna suit for a shorter period, you should seek a medical option from a registered medical professional. The medical condition will evaluate your situation and make several recommendations.

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Skin sensitivity

Skin sensitivity is an essential factor when it comes to determining the ideal time to spend in a sauna suit. People have different skin sensitivities, and this difference is one of the reasons why sauna suits come with instructions.

If you have sensitive skin, it is advisable to start with shorter sessions. Shorter sessions are also ideal if you are uncertain about the sensitivity aspect of your skin. Alternatively, invest in a better and probably more expensive sauna suit that cautions you from excessive heat exposure.


Advantages of adhering to time when wearing a sauna suit 

What are some of the reasons why you should adhere to the time when wearing a sauna suit? Pundits have pointed out that paying attention to time is advantageous in the following ways.

Prevents overheating

Our skins are sensitive to extremely high temperatures. While we have different sensitivity levels, it is essential to note that wearing sauna suits for longer is not ideal for our skins and bodies. However, paying attention to time and adhering to measures prevents overheating.

It is, therefore, advisable to space sessions as opposed to having one long practice session. There is information online on how you can effectively space your sessions without affecting results.

Prevents kidney failures

One of the organs that are hugely affected by excessive sweating and high temperatures in the kidney. Researches show that extreme heat and sweat may affect your kidney functionalities. However, you can control this by ensuring that your sessions are short and effective.

While there is no standard time of wearing a sauna suit, you should strive for shorter sessions. Pundits advise people to take as many breaks as possible because, during these breaks, the body can regain normalcy and water.

If you are uncertain about how much you should sweat during practice sessions, consult a professional. Also, if you have kidney conditions, consult a professional before using a sauna suit.

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Ideal in weight loss

For most people, sauna suits are synonymous with weight loss. If used well, the sauna suits help the body to sweat, and by burning fats, people achieve smaller and healthier bodies. One of the factors that people must pay attention to is time.

The golden rule when using a sauna suit is to find the perfect time. People have different reactions when it comes to time. Some bodies can withstand longer practice sessions, while others can only withstand five to ten minutes.

If you are not sure about the ideal time for your practice sessions, you should start with shorter sessions and then progress to longer sessions.

Disadvantages of not adhering to time limits when using a sauna suit

While sauna suits have safety features, prolonging sessions is unadvisable. Some of the disadvantages of prolonging your sessions while using a sauna include the following.


One of the reasons why many people opt for sauna suits as opposed to other ways of losing weight is that they enable your body to sweat. Sweating has many benefits to the body. However, over sweating is one of the key causes of dehydration.

When the body is dehydrated, you are more likely to experience the following symptoms

  • Disorientation
  • Extreme thirst
  • Light-headedness
  • Muscle contractions

If you experience the above symptoms, it is a clear indication that your body needs water. Also, these symptoms outweigh the advantages outlined above.


Our bodies can regulate high temperatures. One of the ways of regulating high temperatures is by sweating. However, overstaying in a sauna suit may affect the body’s ability to cool. As a sauna user, you should never allow your body to overheat at any given time.

Some of the symptoms that you are overheating include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Unconsciousness

If you experience any of these three symptoms, you should limit your time in a sauna suit. If possible, take a time out and give your body a break from using a sauna. In the other hand, you can limit your time in a sauna and probably use the sauna suit for at least 5 minutes.

Kidney damage

Kidney damage is the final and the most severe disadvantage of failing to adhere to sauna suit time. It is scientifically proven that dehydration and overheating have a huge effect on our kidneys. Therefore, you should not allow overstaying in a sauna suit to destroy your kidney.

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While time is a subjective factor when wearing sauna suits, adhering to the above timeframes is essential. This above piece explained the reasons why time is a crucial factor, what you should consider when setting the time, and, more importantly, some of the advantages of adhering to time.

If it is your first time to use a sauna suit, it is advisable to understand the materials used to make the suit and, more importantly, what the manufacturer thinks about time. Also, it is advisable to look for more specific information online on the ideal span for your sessions when wearing a sauna suit.

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