Best Portable Steam Sauna Reviews

Welcome to our review of the best portable steam saunas.  

Steam saunas are becoming popular thanks to their durability, efficiency, and more importantly, their price points. Therefore, if you have always wanted to get into the world of sauna baths, buying the best portable steam sauna that you can is the most advisable thing to do. The steam saunas are easier to use and they are inexpensive.

Unlike years ago, many brands are designing and making steam saunas. While this development has raised standards in this market, it has also attracted some substandard products. This piece explores some of the things you should consider when investing in a portable sauna and some of the best products in the market.

These are the best portable steam saunas.

If you are really interested in getting the best portable steam sauna, stick to the top 2 or 3 saunas.  Those are the most proven and reliable that you can get for 2020.  The rest are good, but not quite at the same level.

Best Portable Steam Sauna

Top 10 Best Portable Steam Sauna reviews 2020

#1. OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna

The OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna is the number one portable steam sauna that you can get.  It comes with a steam generator which contains 2l of water. It weighs around 16lbs, and that makes it light for mobility. It is flexible, and you can easily fit it in a suitcase when going for vacations, making it possible to enjoy the spa wherever you go.  Check latest price here. OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna Spa


It has an easy installation process, and no tools are needed in the process. In fact, the sauna is made with a solid frame for support system hence its durability. It comes with a sturdy and mobile chair, which is an oxford canvas fabric that is easy to set up as well. A comfortable collar is an extension for the upper side for comfy support to the head. Lastly, the sauna comes with a simple preset for regulating the temperature in the cabin.

 Main Features

  1. Saunas have a long history of therapeutic feeling, detoxification, and relaxing. With this portable steam sauna, you enjoy all the health benefits at the comfort of your house. Some of the main features of this sauna include;
  2. Handheld control- the sauna comes with a simple and user-friendly remote control. Its primary function is regulating heat and setting the duration
  3. The cover is made from canvas fabric, which is durable, appealing, and anti-leakage. It protects the sauna from the moisture in the cabin.
  4. Two liters Steam generator/pot – it is the source of heat. It is connected to the sauna through a horse pipe.
  5. A seat- this sauna comes with a foldable and portable chair.
  6. Portability and convenience- as mentioned earlier, the sauna is lightweight. It can easily fit in traveling suitcases. This feature makes it possible for you to enjoy the sauna session at any location.

2L Personal Therapeutic Sauna

Model & Accessory Specs

The sauna is richly accessorized to serve you perfectly. It is a dark gray which makes it subtle when it comes to visionary. It takes the shape of a cube. It is a complete kit, and what is required is plain water and a socket for plugging. One thing that makes it unique is its portability. It is lightweight i.e., it weighs 7kgs and hence easy to carry wherever you want without inconveniences.

The sauna has a rapid heating duration- within less than 10 minutes, the cabin is heated. The material used in this sauna is satin and Polyester. The fabric insulates the heat in the sauna, and it is waterproof. The power output is 800W and heats the sauna to about 65 degrees Celsius.


The construction of this steam sauna is very particular, depending on its source of heat. An infrared sauna, the covering material is not prone to water, since the heaters are electric. The heating process is mild. On this sauna, the satin polythene is waterproof and highly insulates the sauna to prevent heat loss. It has double zippers on the inside and outside to help you open it from any side.

The chairs are considerably sized with reliable and durable canvas material. From the steam pot to the sauna is a hosepipe that transports heat into the lodging.

To maximize comfort, the sauna comes with openings for the hands, which allows you to use your phone, watch, read, or listen to your personal collection.


The set up is easy and requires no tools for setting it up. You quickly set up the frame and detach them when folding it for storage. The sauna comes with PVC poles for stability.

 EMF Radiation

It is a steam sauna, and therefore it shouldn’t raise alarms for EMF. Only the infrared heaters risk the chances of emitting EMFs.

 Heat Options

The source of heat is steam, hence its name. The steam pot is quite more prominent, with a capacity of 2liters. You connect the steam pot to a 110V socket and then compare it to the sauna with a hosepipe. The produced steam offers your body the therapeutic feeling, detoxifies, reduces stress, and increases your body’s metabolism.


  • The steam from the sauna helps you relax the sore muscles, detoxifies, increases metabolism, etc
  • They are not prone to Electromagnetic field emission.
  • It is strong and stable from the PVC poles.
  • The canvas and satin materials make it durable


  • It contains one person per session.

 Why we recommend

The sauna is pleasant looking with a deep gray color. The model is cute as well, and it is a firmly structured sauna. It is easy to install and regulate the heat in the sauna.  It’s also very popular.

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#2: Usuallye Indoor & Home Steam Sauna 

The second best portable steam sauna is the Usuallye Indoor & Home Steam Sauna.  This is one of the better looking portable saunas that you can get and it also heats up quickly.  Not only that, but it is durable and is reasonably priced.  In addition, most people opt for this steam sauna because it is an ideal sauna for personal therapy — using essential oils. Check latest price here.Usuallye Indoor & Home Steam Sauna 

Special features

Apart from its innovative design, this steam sauna has the following key features:

  • East to set up

You will only need one minute for set up this steam sauna. The easiness to set-up this piece is not only ideal for you as a consumer, but it also makes this unit and ideal item when traveling.

  • Temperature adjustment

Different people have different preferences when it comes to sauna baths. This unit has 9 different levels for adjusting temperatures. Also, you do not need to come out of the sauna to adjust temperatures, thanks to the remote control.

Why should you buy this Usuallye Steam Sauna?

There are a couple reasons and pros to consider getting this steam sauna.

  • It has more customizable features

With this unit, it is possible to have a customizable feature compared to most sauna sets in the market. The unit allows you to control temperatures and determine the duration of your sauna sessions.

  • The sauna set is unmatched when it comes to functionality

If you have always wanted to have a steam sauna set that efficient both in results as well as in features, you should consider Usuallye Steam Sauna.


Some of the advantages of using Usuallye Steam Sauna include:

  • It is durable
  • Easy to set
  • The set is safe
  • It is affordable
  • The unit is light


The only compromise you will make with this sauna is the size of the chair. However, the chair is sturdy, and it will not break — regardless of your weight.

Overall, this is the second best portable steam sauna that you can get.  It’s one of the most popular steam saunas and has plenty of features that allows for an enjoyable experience.  We do recommend this one.

#3: Durherm Portable Therapeutic Steam  Sauna

This steam sauna is a unique and portable sauna with high-quality features with exclusive health benefits.  The sauna comes with a whole package, including a steam generator. It offers privacy for your sauna session. The design emulates those of expensive saunas but with more desirable and practical features.

It comes with a straightforward assemble. It is easy to set up I with inside-frame design. You follow the diagram in the manual to construct the framework. You then cover the framework structure with cover.  It’s a super easy setup process.  Check latest price here.

Durherm Portable Therapeutic Home Steam Sauna
Photo: Durherm Portable Personal Therapeutic Spa Home Steam Sauna

Main Features

One of its main features is Portability. It has a detachable frame, which makes it quick to disassemble for simple storage. The sauna has a strong power source in that it produces 800 watts. The steam generator can set up to 60 minutes. It has ENJOYABLE factors, with the two zippered openings you can take hands out to read a book or work on other easy tasks with your free hands.

The sauna is straightforward in terms of usage. It is Convenient to use this personal sauna in the comfort of your home. The setup and putting up the steam generator is menial work. This factor makes the sauna very convenient and useful for its purpose. Durherm is a complete sauna and contains everything you need in a sauna session.

Model & Accessory Specs

This flexible and adorable steam sauna comes in a gray tent. However, the highlights come in color blue or pink. There are three openings for your hands and head. The three openings come with dual zippers, and they can easily be opened or closed from the inside.


The sauna comes as a whole package. The steam generator has a unit of 800 watts. To plug in such a generator, you will require outsourcing a 110V socket. The sauna comes with a hosepipe that connects the steam generator to the cabin for steam supply. The hosepipe has a downward direction, which puts it away from body contact. It allows the steam to heat the cabin from below. The hosepipe is also flexible to enable you to direct the vapor where you wish.

The steam is produced at 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit, which equals to 45 degrees Celsius. Coldwater in a steam generator takes fifteen minutes to produce steam. The condenser comes with an inbuilt time limit of sixty minutes. However, you can regulate heat and adjust the time with remote control.


The sauna consists of a steam condenser which comes with a timer. It comes with a hosepipe, a tent large enough to accommodate one person, which put over a PVC framework. The frame requires simple assembly work, which you get assistance from the diagram in the manual. Within a few minutes, the installation is complete, and the sauna ready for use.

After assembly, you will need plain water in the steam generator and a chair for the session. This unit is designed to allow the user’s hands out and the head outside the tent. The reason for having the head outside is to retain adequate control over your mobility and prevent you from suffocating.

Heat Options

Heat is paramount in a sauna. In fact, it is the main ingredient in any sauna, whether traditional or infrared. In Durherm, steam is the source of heat. The water is heated in a steam generator for 15 minutes. The steam produced is connected to a hosepipe into the cabin.

Cabin Size

Durherm is simply technology compressed into a lightweight with a compact form that is easy to move about without losing its specs of functionality. The steam sauna is a perfect example of a space-saving home sauna. It is small in size but assuredly delivers all health benefits of its counterpart saunas.


Burns from steam is up to 6%. For that reason, the hosepipe has a downward direction to prevent the chances of directed steam to the body.


  • You will enjoy wholesome health benefits like increased heart rate.
  • It has the most straightforward assembly with guidance from the manual.
  • The sauna is beautiful with vibrant gray color with outlines on the ages of pink or blue.
  • It is convenient and readily available when you need it.


This steam sauna does not have a chair. You should choose one in accordance to your size, height, and weight. Choose the one that allows your head outside the sauna

Why we recommend

With this sauna, ten minutes in it equals 30 minutes jogging in terms of sweating. Luckily you can enhance the water condenser with essential oils or plant oils to achieve skin beauty. This sauna is exquisitely beautiful, with fantastic health benefits like detoxification and increased metabolism.

#4: Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna

This is the fourth best portable steam sauna.

Just like the name suggests, Lightweight steam sauna is both light and portable. The heat source is steam. It is gray in the tent, and the outline is blue and pink, depending on your choice. It is convenient and comes with everything you need for sauna experience in the package. The sauna comes in desirable and fancy features, and it is self-sufficient; all you need is a plastic seat, a socket, and plain water.  Check latest price here.

Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna
Photo: Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna by Durasage for Relaxation at Home, 60 Min Timer – Pink

Main Features

As described above, it is a portable sauna. The outer cover is a beautiful colored tent. It rises to a temperature of 117F. It comes with a separate steam generator which resembles a rice cooker only that this one is all plastic.

The sauna has a bathtub design. It provides privacy at home and in your apartment. Unlike the public saunas, this one will give you your safe space to relax and reflect. It occupies minimal space, and therefore, you can place it anywhere in your room.

Model & Accessory Specs

The model imitates a bathtub. It is very convenient for daily use because it is easily accessible in your house and easy to assemble. It comes with a steam generator, and within 15 minutes, the sauna is ready with steam.

From the steam generator to the cabin is a hosepipe. The hosepipe directs the steam. The framework comes with a comprehensive manual that requires you to set it up. The PVC support poles make the sauna sturdy for safety. It is manual and requires your assembly and setup.


The whole structure is a humanized product. It is such a masterpiece with beautiful features to behold. The framework comes with a manual that is pictorial for easy assembly. First, you put the frame within a few minutes. After the framework, you put it inside a gray canvas tent and cover the top.

The steam generator should be connected to a 110 V power source. Within 15 minutes of heating the water, the steam reaches the perfect temperatures for the sauna session. The hosepipe is directed downwards in the sauna. The reason for the downward direction is for safety purposes and to ensure that the steam circulates from below.

The sauna enclosure works perfectly. The insulation is good, and it does not tamper with the temperature of the sauna. The steam generator is designed to emit the right amount of warmth. The sauna nevertheless comes with a remote to allow you to regulate the heat within the cabin.


This sauna has the most effortless installation. It comes with a manual for the framework and complete setup. All you need is ensuring that you familiarize yourself with the manual before setting up.

Remote Control

What a nice feeling to have control over the heat emitted in your sauna? This sauna comes with a simple and user-friendly remote control. It allows you to set time and regulate the amount of heat. Although the set time for the sauna is around 60 minutes, you can lower the temperature and prolong your session.


Well, it will not harm you to add fresh flowers and plant oil in your sauna for refreshment and health benefits. Nevertheless, the sauna comes with a foldable tent, PVC support poles, a steam generator, a steam hose, a control panel, and a manual.

EMF Radiation

The sauna uses steam. There is zero emission of radiation. It is entirely manual, and the cabin does not have any electrical wiring. It is just an empty cabin with steam from the hosepipe. So EMF here is rare.

Heat Options

Just like the name suggests, this sauna gets the heat from the steam. The steam raises your body temperatures, causing you to sweat profusely. In the process, the body detoxifies, opens pores, and relaxes your body, muscles, and joints.

The steam generator filled with plain water is easily connected to a 110volts socket. The generator is connected to the sauna with a hosepipe. Within 15 minutes, the steam warms the cabin to its proper temperatures.

Cabin Size

The cabin occupies a minimal size and can easily fit in any room in your resident.


The manufacturers have you in mind when designing this sauna, and no steam should come into contact with your skin. Therefore, you should have a small plastic seat elevated from the ground where the steam is directed.


  • It is light and hence easy to move
  • This sauna has a simple and attractive design – PVC plug-in build and instructions are simple
  • It has a straightforward concept of boiling water to get steam
  • The steam generator boils the water pretty fast for approximately 15 minutes.


  • You will have to outsource the seat since the sauna doesn’t come with one.

Why we recommend

It’s a masterpiece, easy to install, and ridiculously affordable. If you are looking for a simple low EMF emission and steam portable sauna, then this is the best choice.

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 #5. AW 2L Portable Sauna 

One of the most durable portable steam saunas is the AW 2L.  It comes with a cotton cover, which is waterproof to prevent its damage from the steam. The poles are steel, making it steady for any sized person.

On the side are two large holes that allow you to have a complete body sauna session. If you desire to have only feet therapy, you put your legs in the sauna through the holes. The personal sauna comes with a herbal box in case you want to spice up your sauna session with plant oil or herbs. Installation is a step event. It has a compact one-piece in design, making it easy to set up to pull down.  Check latest price here.

AW 2L Steam Sauna

Main Features

One of the main features is its fast-fold, meaning that it is easy to whisk together poles or put them apart quickly. You take the spa from the storage bag and unfold it and viola! It’s ready for use.

The sauna is a compact one-piece designed. What that means is that the sauna is easy to set up and no process of connecting pole during the setup.

The outside cover is a brown, beautiful cotton cover which waterproof. The steam produced during the session could be harmful to the sauna. To curb damage, the sauna has a tent with waterproof material.

On the side are two openings that allow you to take your feet outside when having a whole-body sauna session. On top of the sauna are other holes for your hands and the head.

The sauna comes with 2 liters of the steam pot, which has a timer section.

With the herbal box, you get a chance to spice up your sauna session with essential oil or aroma to improve the process of relaxation.

Model & Accessory Specs

The sauna is personal steam and portable. It comes in a cute cube shape. It has a bold brown color, which makes it appealing to the eye. It has a compact one design, which makes it complete for any sauna session. Due to its design, the sauna has very few accessories. The following are the accessories;

  • A waterproof sauna tent
  • A 2l steam generator/pot
  • One herbal box to put your essentials for aroma
  • A set of pipes to connect the steamer to the sauna
  • Some of the specs are;
  • A socket with 110 volts, 60Hz to connect the steam pot
  • It has a power of 800 watts
  • The temperatures in the cabin are 65 degrees Celsius
  • The steam pot has a capacity of two liters
  • It has a dimension of 80 x 80 x 100 which makes it close to a cube


One thing that stands out about this simple and fancy sauna is the compact one-piece design. The sauna has a design of one whole piece for easy installation. It is the easiest to use because you unfold it, and it’s ready for use.

On the side of the tent are two openings. The openings are for helping you when you want only foot therapy or when you want a full-body session. With the openings, you put your feet outside to create a room within the sauna. The whole aspect of fast-fold makes the sauna an easy to set up and use kind of sauna.


It comes in a compact one-piece design, which makes it easy to unfold during the setup. To set up, you unfold the sauna and fold it back for storage after drying.

Heat Options

The source of heat is steam. It is generated in a steam pot and then directed to the cabin through a set of hosepipes. The temperature within the sauna rises to 65 degrees Celsius.


  • It has Steel metallic poles, which make the sauna firm for usage.
  • It is easy to clean. It requires wiping and drying outside.
  •  It has an easy setup. With a folding Tent Fast Fold Slim sauna
  • It helps in Weight Loss Detoxification and Therapy in the comfort of your home.


  • It is a personal one person sauna, meaning only one person at a kind of sauna.

Why we recommend

We recommend this exquisitely beautiful sauna for its straightforward setup. It offers all the sauna benefits at your reach. You will enjoy health benefits like detoxification, relaxing, increased heart rate, etc. the sauna has special two openings for your feet, for the whole body session.

#6: Smartmak Portable 2L Steam Sauna 

The Smartmak Portable is the 6th best portable steam sauna you can get in 2020.  This product combines the best materials with the latest technology in regards to sauna baths.  Check latest price here.Smartmak Portable Steam Sauna 

Special features

The unique features you should expect in this steam sauna include:

  • A foldable chair

The foldable chair gives you a better sauna experience, regardless of your body weight. Apart from being a foldable chair, it is also comfortable.

  • A box of herbal box

Apart from its bleeding-edge features, the steam sauna also comes with herbal box. The box contains essential oils, which spices up your sessions.

Why should you buy Smartmak Sauna?

The Smartmak Portable Sauna is perfect by because of these reasons

  • The steam sauna is effective

Effectiveness is one of the key reasons why you should consider this piece over other similar products in the market. For example, it does not overheat or turns off during a session.

  • Made from better materials

Apart from its effectiveness, the company selected some of the best materials in creating this unit. Thanks to better materials, the piece is durable, and you should not be worried about the possibility of buying another piece in the near future.


Some of the advantages of Smartmak Portable Sauna include:

  • It is light
  • Has time and temperature controller
  • Has a comfortable chair
  • You can use the herbal box for a more improved experience
  • It is affordable

While the steam sauna has, some of the bleeding edge features and materials, it may be hard to put it together, primarily if you have never used a steam sauna before.

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#7: Aceshin Therapeutic Steam Sauna 

The next best portable steam sauna is the Aceshin Therapeutica.  The product combines the best design with some of the most innovative accessories in the market. If you want to invest in a piece that adds value to your home, this is a perfect option.  Check latest price here.Aceshin Portable Therapeutic Steam Sauna 

Special features

When it comes to special features, this unit is unmatched. Some of the key special features include:

  • Remote control

The remote control is a key accessory in this unit. Therefore, you do not have to get out of the steam sauna to adjust some aspects.

  • Foldable chair

The availability of a foldable chair in this unit makes Aceshin Portable Sauna a unique buy. It is also important to note that the chair is comfortable for all body weights.

  • Timers

In addition to remote control, the unit allows you to plan for sessions, thanks to the timer. The timer, in this case, is unmatched when it comes to spacing sessions.

Why should you buy this sauna?

Aceshin Steam Sauna is an ideal unit based on the following key factors.

  • The unit gives you a chance to customize your sessions

Different people have different needs with regards to saunas. Thanks to timers and the remote control, you can select settings that are ideal for you and more importantly, explore settings that work for you.

  • The sauna unit is perfect for weight loss, reversing aging and aromatherapy

In the modern market, it is hard to find a sauna unit that has three features but in the budget section. These features also mean that this sauna unit is ideal for all sauna customers.


Some of the advantages of buying Aceshin Portable Steam Sauna include:

  • It is durable
  • The unit is comfortable
  • It is easy to assemble
  • You can use essential oils and herbs
  • It produces steam faster


The only downfall with this steam sauna is the chair — which is relatively small but sturdy

#8: Personal Steam Sauna (Pardise)

The eighth best portable steam sauna is the personal steam sauna by Paradise. Unlike most products in this market, the unit has a different approach to design and accessories. It is therefore correct to state that the unit is one of the easiest units to use.  Check latest price here.2L Home Steam Sauna

Special features

When it comes to features, the steam sauna is unmatched, thanks to the following features:

  • A remote and a timer

The presence of a remote and time makes this unit a customizable piece. It is, therefore, possible to control every aspect of the steam sauna without getting out of the piece.

  • Safety protection

Apart from being a customizable unit, the steam sauna has a safety protection feature. The feature is an additional layer of security in case of a system failure.

  • Better heating capacity

When it comes to heating capacity, this steam sauna is efficient. Therefore, the piece is efficient in terms of power consumption and producing steam.

Why should you buy this steam sauna?

There are three reasons why you should consider this sauna and no other steam saunas. The reasons include:

  • It is customizable

Customization is one of the key features that make this unit a perfect buy. You have the liberty to determine the steam settings, and more importantly, the timer helps in planning the duration of sessions.

  • Its design and performances are top-notch

In addition to its customization features, you should consider this steam sauna because of its design and performances. The two aspects are not only important to you as a user, but they also justify the price tag of the steam sauna.


Some of the advantages of Home Steam Sauna (Pardise) include:

  • It is light
  • The unit is durable
  • It is easy to put together
  • You can incorporate aromatherapy into your sessions
  • It is affordable


The only disadvantage with this piece is the chair. While it is fordable, it is smaller in relation to chairs of other steam saunas in the market. However, it can still support people of different weights.

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#9: Zonemel Lightweight Folding Steam Sauna Tent

The Zonemel Portable Steam Sauna is the 9th best portable steam sauna.  It’s a perfect unit if you are looking for a sauna that works well both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the four layers of thickness, you prevent the steam from leaking from the unit and more importantly, the layers are easy to clean.  Check latest price here.ZONEMEL Lightweight Folding Steam Sauna Tent

Special features

Some of the key features that you should expect from ZONEMEL Portable Sauna include:

  • Safety protection

In case the steam generator does not have water, the safety protection feature turns the power off and therefore protecting you as a user. This feature also makes this unit the safest in the market.

  • The unit is foldable and more importantly, portable

If you want a steam sauna unit, you can move with it from one place to another, ZONEMEL  Steam Sauna is a perfect choice for you. This feature also makes the unit an easy option when it comes to carrying and packing.

Why should you buy Zonemel Sauna?

You should consider this unit for one reason. It is a perfect buy if you want a steam sauna that is better at detoxifying. If you’re going to detoxify and try out essential oils in your sauna baths, this unit is a perfect buy. The steam generator gives you a chance to try out essential oils of your choice without any restrictions.


Some of the advantages of using Zonemel Portable Sauna include:

  • It is durable
  • Safe for you
  • You can incorporate aromatherapy
  • The unit is customizable
  • It is energy efficient.


  • The only compromise with Zonemel Steam Sauna is it has a chemical smell, especially when it is new.

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#10: Zonemel Portable 2L Steam Sauna for Weight Loss

The 10th best portable steam sauna is the Zonemel 2L Steam Sauna.  It’s is a revolutionary item, especially considering it is a portable unit. In addition, the unit allows the user to control all the important elements such as time and temperatures.  Check latest price here.ZONEMEL Portable 2L Steam Sauna for Weight Loss

Special features

When it comes to features, this unit is unique. Some of the key features you should expect in this unit include:

  • Portability

Portability is one of the first and the most important features with Zonemel 2L Steam Sauna. The design allows you to move the piece anywhere and therefore saving space.

  • Safety protection

Apart from saving space, the unit has a safety protection feature. The feature protects you and the sauna in case there is no water in the steam generator. Therefore, you should not worry about repairing the steam sauna in case it spoils because of water.

Why should you buy Zonemel 2L Steam Sauna?

You should buy Zonemel 2L Steam Sauna because of the following three reasons.

  • It gives you value for money.

In this case, the price you pay reflects what you get in this piece. The steam sauna is one of the first units in this market to have bleeding-edge features but still affordable.

  • You can use the unit anywhere.

When it comes to usage, the sauna is arguably the ideal piece in this market. You can enjoy sauna baths in your house or during a vacation.

  • The sauna unit is durable.

When it comes to durability, most steam saunas are not included. However, this unit has some of the best materials in the world of saunas. Therefore, the unit is durable, regardless of how you use the sauna.


The advantages of using Zonemel 2L Steam Sauna include:

  • It is affordable
  • It is durable
  • Easy to set
  • Has many security features
  • It is customizable


Unlike other steam saunas, the unit does not come with a box of essential oils, which are important if you want to try aromatherapy.


Best Portable steam sauna buying guide

There are tens of companies making steam saunas. As a consumer, it is possible to be confused about, which is the best product for you. When it comes to buying a portable steam sauna, you should consider the following factors.


Since you want to buy a portable sauna, it is advisable to go for the lightest weight in the market. Thanks to technology, you can get an extremely light sauna set-up. However, portability is subjective to many factors — what may be light to you may not be light to others. Therefore, have a definition of what is light for a steam sauna.

Availability of extremal heat source

While it is important to go for a portable sauna that relies on traditional steaming options as the primary source of steam, it is advisable to invest in a piece that has other steam sources. However, the saunas that have multiple steam options may be expensive, but the extra cost is worth the investment.


Your comfort is an important aspect when buying a steam sauna. A comfortable sauna gives you a chance to have prolonged sauna baths as opposed to an average piece. When determining the comfort of a piece, you should check factors such as chair — that should be foldable — and the availability of holes for your hands.

Availability of instant set-up option

A portable sauna should be easy to set-up and fold. In this case, you should check some key things. First, evaluate whether the portable sauna has a foldable chair or not. Second, the manufacturer should indicate the easiness to set-up the sauna in an outdoor setting.


In this market, there are different definitions of what is durable and what is not. Therefore, durability is a subjective factor. However, different portable saunas have different durability levels. In this case, you should go to a sauna product that has better and durable materials. Read reviews and check what customers say about the durability of a product.


Portable steam sauna instructions

Like other saunas, steam saunas are technical. It is advisable to use them effectively and per the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to note that usage affects the following key aspects:

  • The steam sauna’s durability
  • Your safety
  • Safety of others
  • Power consumption efficiency

What are some of the universal instructions when using steam saunas?

Only use your steam sauna for 30 minutes or less (in a day)

Over the years, there has been a debate on the best duration for sauna baths. Both sides of this discourse understand the implication of having long sauna baths. In addition, there is a medical explanation of why you should not overstay in a sauna bath.

The main reason given is that having a sauna bath that is more than 30 minutes do more harm than good to your body. Your respiratory system, for example, may develop complications afterword. However, following the 30-minute rule is beneficial to your body.

Do not use the steam sauna if you have a pre-existing condition

If you have a pre-existing condition, it is advisable not to use the steam saunas. Some of the health conditions that are not ideal for sauna baths include:

  • Heart conditions
  • Blood pressure
  • Skin conditions
  • Respiratory disorders

In addition, the stream sauna baths are not suitable for pregnant women and after drinking alcohol.

Know when to stop

Even if you do not have a pre-existing condition, you can switch off the steam sauna if you see the following signs:

  • Feeling uncomfortable
  • Dizzy
  • Sleepy

Read all the instructions in regards to usage

Manufacturers have a better understanding of the steam sauna unit. Therefore, reading the manuals that come with the box is ideal for you. Even if you have used steam saunas before, the instructions and warning may differ from one model to another.

In case there is a concept that you do not understand, it is advisable to check more information on the company’s website or any trustworthy website dealing with steam saunas.



 1. Where to buy a sauna?

Where you purchase a product determines two things:

  • Quality and
  • Warranty

Therefore, as a buyer, you should buy from a trusted buyer. Luckily, all the steam saunas mentioned above have links where you can buy them. The sources and buyers meet all the laid procedures, and the products are of high quality.

The above links also point out whether the items are on warranty or not. It is, however, essential to point out that most portable steam saunas do not need a warranty since the materials used are of high quality.

Finally, the delivery methods for all the items above are on par with the internal standards. Adherence to the internal standards means that the steam saunas are safe from any transportation errors.


2. How to set up a portable steam sauna

The setting process is simple, and you do not need prior experience on steam saunas. The steps below explain how to use your new steam sauna.

Unbox it

Unboxing is the first step to setting up your portable sauna. You should check if all the accessories are in the box. Also, you should be careful not to break any item.

Assemble the frame and later, place the cloth cover the frame

After unboxing, you can now assemble the frame. Assembling the structure should take you less than five minutes. After that, cover the already assembled frame with the cloth from the box.

Add water to the steamer

Locate the pot and fill it with fresh water — preferably tap water. It is advisable to fill to the maximum. You should be careful when adding water. If you are not sure about how to do it, ask for assistance.

Add essential oils (a few drops)

This step is not necessary if you do not have essential oils. However, adding a few drops of essential oils spices up your baths.


3. How to use a portable steam sauna

After you have set-up the steam sauna, the next stage is using it. For better results, you should following the following steps.

Preheat your unit

Preheating is an important step, which, unfortunately, is often ignored by many users. You should always preheat your unit up to your ideal temperatures.


Drinking water is vital, especially when preparing for a sauna bath. The water helps the body to withstand extreme sweating. In addition, you should carry water to the sauna sessions.

Wear less and choose the most comfortable cloths

Wearing less is important for two reasons. First, it is a perfect way to have heat and mist from the sauna well distributed. Second, wearing less is comfortable for you since you will sweat, and you do not want to soak in sweat.

Sit and enjoy your sauna bath

After ensuring that everything is set, it is safe to enjoy your sauna bath. It is also advisable to prepare yourself mentally before your sauna sessions.

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4. How to clean a portable steam sauna

After using your steam sauna unit, you need to clean and fold it. Different companies have different approaches regarding cleaning. Here are some of the common cleaning options for sauna tents.

Use a machine to clean the sauna tent.

Some manufacturers suggest this cleaning method for their products. Cleaning the sauna tent using a machine has its advantages. One of the benefits is that machines wash the sauna tents better. However, it is only advisable to use a machine to clean the sauna tent if the manufacturer suggests that.

Wipe the sauna tent with water and alcohol (mixture)

Using the alcohol and water mixture is a universal way to clean steam sauna tents. This cleaning option does not affect the sauna’s fabric as other options. It is, however, essential to note that this cleaning option is only ideal for a short term quick cleaning.

Use off-the-shelf cleaners

Alternatively, you can clean the steam sauna tent with cleaners. Most cleaners are useful in terms of removing stains and giving the sauna a better smell. However, you should be keen on the brands because some cleaners can bleach the tent.

For water reservoirs, use antifungal and antibacterial solutions.

Unlike cleaning the steam sauna tent, you can only clean the water reservoir using sanitizing solutions. The frequency also depends on your usage and, more importantly, your preference.


5. What are the benefits of a steam sauna?

In the past three decades, scientists and health professionals have discovered many benefits of steam saunas. They include the following:

Steam sauna helps the skin to glow.

Steam sauna is synonymous with sweating. Scientists have pointed out that for us to have healthy skins, we must sweat. In this case, sweating opens up our pores, which are instrumental in cleansing our outer skin.

Also, when we sweat, our skin experience warm condensation. In this case, the warm condensation is ideal in rinsing away the old skin and therefore giving our skin a different glow.

Steam sauna improves body circulation.

One of the most prominent signs of aging is the lack of proper circulation—however, sauna baths in a steam sauna help in improving the cardiovascular system.

In this case, the heat from the steam sauna helps in dilating the capillaries and therefore making the blood flow better. This means that even with old age, you can gain the youthful energy and look.

The moist heat from this type of sauna also helps in controlling the blood pressure. Controlled blood pressure is unmatched when it comes to maintaining a healthy heart.

Steam sauna is also ideal in workout recovery

If your muscles feel sore, it is an indication that you need a sauna bath. The pain — according to professionals — is because of muscle soreness. Fortunately, the steam sauna sessions help in dealing with this medical issue.

Studies have shown that moist heat has many benefits in dealing with sore muscles. However, if the pain is consistent, you should see a professional.

Steam sauna baths help in burning calories.

Do you want an ideal way to burn calories and be healthy again? Steam sauna baths are unmatched in terms of helping the body to burn excess calories. A 30-minutes session stimulates the body to sweat and therefore burning many calories. However, you should ensure that you have enough water to drink during the sessions.

Apart from the benefits outline above, you should consider steam sauna baths because of they:

  • Helps in reducing stress
  • Ideal in opening up your sinuses
  • Reverses aging


 The Bottom Line

With advancements in making and designing steam saunas, you can get a unit at any price point. However, the golden rule of finding a sauna unit is creating a checklist. List down what you want in a unit and purchase a steam sauna that has similar or close features. This rule does not negate the importance of buying a unit within your budget.

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