The Best Electric Sauna Heaters Money Can Buy

Without a doubt, the most important decision you’ll make when building or upgrading your sauna is, the sauna heater. Now, in true Finnish culture, we call them sauna stoves. There’s no difference between a sauna heater and a sauna stove, so don’t get hung up on that from the start.

As many of our readers know, we do not just say that we’re sauna experts. We literally are sauna experts. We take sauna morning and night (not medical advice), and we’re all employees at one of the worlds biggest sauna manufacturers. Our goal with this website is to inspire others to discover some of the benefits of sauna.

So, you’re looking for the best electric sauna heater, right? It’s important to clarify, as there are infared sauna heaters (different heat, no water used) and wood burning sauna heaters as well. There are a number of things to consider with electric sauna stoves, like the kilowats of power used, but we’ll dive into that further on in this guide.

While there are tens of electric sauna heaters, not all units are ideal for your sauna. You should, therefore, get a unit that fits your budget and more importantly, fit your power needs. The following units are:

  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced, and
  • They have a better controller.

Here are our top 5 best electric sauna heaters on the market.


Best electric sauna heater

These are the Best Electric Sauna Heaters on the market

For those who know saunas, you’ll also know there is quite a bit to consider when it comes to choosing the right heater for your sauna. Things like power consumption, the amount of steam you’re looking to produce, how hot you’d like your sauna to get, and more are all valuable questions worth asking.

#1: TURKU TU90WD-OD Electrical Sauna Heater – External Controller

Are you looking for a sauna heater with an outer digital controller? If yes, this Turkish unit is ideal for you. While you can use the unit in commercial places, it is an ideal option for residential clients and more importantly, people looking for a perfect heater to replace an aging unit.

In addition, the unit is firm and you do not need to worry about replacing it after some months. The built quality is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular units in the market.

TURKU TU90WD-OD Electrical Sauna Heater
TURKU TU90WD-OD – Residential 9KW Wet & Dry 240V Electrical Sauna Heater Stove External CON5 Digital Controller

Special features

Some of the special features that comes with this sauna heater include:

Outer Digital Controller

While most people still use aged heaters without difficulties, this sauna heater comes with a digital controller. Therefore, you can set sessions at ease and more importantly, the operations are convenient.

Vented body design

The unit is without a doubt one of the best-shaped pieces in the market. Therefore, the vented body design makes it easier to for the unit to heat up faster.

Reasons to buy TURKU TU90WD-OD

TURKU TU90WD-OD is a perfect buy because it has:

  • Outer digital controller
  • Overheating protection
  • Electronic timer
  • Firm structure
  • It is easier to mount
  • Reasonably priced

Disadvantage(s) of using TURKU TU90WD-OD

If you have used a sauna heater before, you may take time to get used to this heater’s sensor location.

Why do we recommend this electric sauna heater?

We recommend this sauna heater because of these three reasons.

  1. The sauna heater is firm and therefore durable. One unit can last for months, if not years.
  2. The outer digital controller is also another reason why you should consider this piece. As a user, you have endless options as far as personalizing your sauna experience is concerned.
  3. Finally, it is a safe unit to use. While you have the freedom to control aspects such as temperatures and sessions, the unit has a heating protection unit for your safety.

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#2: VEVOR Electric Sauna Heater – Internal Controller

VEVOR Sauna Heater 9KW is one of the best units in the market, thanks to its design and more importantly, its built quality. Made by VEVOR, the unit is part of an innovative line of sauna heaters by the company. Therefore, the unit represents the company’s commitment to improving sauna experiences.

The unit is also a perfect option for small saunas. Thanks to its wall-mount design, the unit is ideal for small spaces, especially saunas with limited spaces. This feature also makes this heater a perfect personal heater, as opposed to commercial purposes.

VEVOR Electric Sauna Heater - Internal Controller
VEVOR Sauna Heater 9KW Dry Steam Bath Sauna Heater Stove 220V-240V with Internal Controller Electric Sauna Stove for Max.459 Cubic Feet Home Hotel Sauna Room Spa Shower Bath Sauna

Special features

VEVOR Sauna Heater 9KW has the following special features

Wall-mount design

Since this heater is primarily for domestic saunas, the mount makes it ideal. The design is also simple to install and you may not need a professional assistant, especially from a technician.

Temperature adjusting options

Apart from being an ideal heater for domestic heaters, this sauna heater comes with temperature adjusting knobs. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose temperatures that are ideal for you.

Reasons to buy this sauna heater

The sauna heater is a perfect buy for your unit because of these reasons:

  • Digital controller
  • Electric timer
  • Better price tag
  • Protects you from overheating
  • Better built quality
  • Ideal for both domestic and commercial saunas

The disadvantage of using this sauna heater

The design and materials used are unmatched. However, the timer limits you to only 1 hour as opposed to the conventional 4-hour timer.

Why do we recommend this electric sauna heater?

Some of the reasons why we recommend this sauna heater include:

The unit is durable

When it comes to buying a sauna heater, you should always consider durability. This unit is durable, thanks to the decision to use steel as the main material.

The heater is multi-purpose — ideal for both commercial and domestic saunas

The unit is arguably one of the few sauna heaters that performs well both in commercial saunas as well as home saunas. The diversity of this sauna heater does not affect the unit’s efficiency.

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#3: TURKU Wet & Dry Electric Sauna Heater

Are you looking for a heater for a traditional sauna? TURKU 6KW is a perfect heater for you. The electric sauna has not only redefined efficiency in this market but it also gives you endless options in terms of control and personalization.

Apart from being one of the best options for traditional saunas, the heater has an external digital controller. This option makes this unit a perfect buy if you want to take control of every detail during sauna baths.

TURKU Wet & Dry Electric Sauna Heater
TURKU 6KW 240V Residential Large Rock Capacity Wet & Dry Electric Sauna Heater Stove with External Digital Slim Controller

Special features

TURKU 6KW has the following key features

External digital controller

When it comes to taking control of your sauna sessions, this unit redefines personalization. The external controller enables you to make key decisions before sessions and after sessions.

Digital display

Digital displays are becoming popular in this niche. Thanks to this trend, units such as TURKU 6KW allows you to see all the details that matter when enjoy a sauna bath. For example, the display allows you to see the time left in a session and the temperatures.

Why should you buy TURKU 6KW?

The sauna heater is an ideal buy for your home sauna because of the following reasons

  • Allows you to personalize sauna baths
  • The heater is durable
  • Controls are digital
  • Ideal for both commercial saunas as well as domestic units
  • Affordable

The disadvantage of using TURKU 6KW

Unlike most units in the market, this sauna heater does not have a mount for smaller rooms.

Why do we recommend this electric sauna heater?

We recommend TURKU 6KW because of these reasons.

The unit is a perfect buy if you are looking for a durable sauna heater.

In most cases, units do not last long due to their built quality and more importantly, the designs are not ideal for handling excess heat. Fortunately, this unit can take you years before replacing it.

Using this sauna heater is safe

Your safety as a sauna user is key, especially considering the fact that saunas subject your body to high temperatures. While you have the freedom to set temperatures, the sauna heater creates a perfect system that disconnects the unit in case the temperatures go beyond what your body can handle.

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#4: TURKU TU90WD-I 9KW Residential Sauna SPA Heater

As the name suggests, this sauna heater is ideal for residential sauna users. While the unit fits the commercial heater status, it performs best in smaller and domestic saunas. TURKU is a popular brand in this market and therefore, this unit symbolizes the company’s investment in research and commitment in making better and efficient sauna heaters.

Apart from being part of the most innovative line of sauna heaters, the unit is ideal for traditional heaters. If you have FIR or any other model, this may not be the best sauna heater for you.

TURKU TU90WD-I 9KW Residential Sauna Heater
TURKU TU90WD-I 9KW Residential FIRMER Body Structure Wet & Dry 220V 240V Electric Sauna SPA Heater Stove with Built-in Controller for Traditional SAUNAS

Special features

Some of the features you should expect from this sauna heater include the following:

Overheating protection

Unlike most sauna heaters in the market, this unit comes with an inbuilt thermostat, which has sensors. These sensors are ideal especially when the sauna temperatures go beyond what is ideal for your body.

Built-in Controller

Apart from protecting you from high temperatures, the sauna heater comes with a built-in controller. Therefore, you have the freedom to control the length of your sessions and more importantly, the temperatures of the sauna.

Reasons why you should buy this sauna heater

Some of the key reasons why this electric sauna is a perfect buy include:

  • It has a wall-mount design
  • Durable, thanks to stainless steel casing
  • Better temperature control
  • Safe to use
  • Economical, thanks to its improved energy consumption

The disadvantage of this sauna electric heater

Unlike other units in the market, this unit does not come with a well-stipulated warranty. However, the chances of the unit breaking down are low.

Why do we recommend this electric sauna heater?

The reasons why this electric sauna better than others include:

The sauna heater is ideal for small saunas

When it comes to buying a sauna heater for a smaller unit, there are fewer options. Fortunately, this heater has a wall-mount, which creates a bigger space for your sauna sessions.

The unit has a better controller

Apart from being an ideal option for smaller saunas, this heater is without a doubt a perfect option for people interested in controlling every bit of a sauna bath. Thanks to this improved controller, you have control over the temperatures and the length of your sessions.

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#5: VEVOR External Controller Sauna Stove for Max

VEVOR Sauna Heater 9KW is one of the best buys in this market. Made and designed by VEVOR, the unit consolidates all the best features users expect in an electric sauna heater. Thanks to its specs, many people have opted for this unit compared to other tens of options in the market.

Apart from its design and specs, the unit is a perfect buy for domestic sauna users. Although the unit has the capacity to handle commercial saunas, it works better in a home setting. The wall-mounted design makes the unit a perfect choice for users interested in good thermal conductivity.

VEVOR External Controller Sauna heater for Max
VEVOR Sauna Heater 9KW Dry Steam Bath Sauna Heater Stove 220V-240V with External Controller Electric Sauna Stove for Max.459 Cubic Feet Home Hotel Sauna Room Spa Shower Bath Sauna

Special features

The special features you should expect in this electric sauna heater include:

Better temperature control

When it comes to personalizing sauna experience, there is a need for a constant temperature control. This unit has a mechanical knob that gives you the freedom to control the heater to your preferred temperature. The unit also has sensors, which are ideal in case the unit overheats.

Wall-mount design

The wall-mount design is also an important feature in this unit. Thanks to this feature, the unit is unmatched when it comes to heat dissipation and more importantly, creating more room in the sauna.

Why should you buy this unit?

VEVOR Sauna Heater 9KW is a perfect buy because of these reasons.

  • It is fast to heat the unit
  • Using this sauna heater saves power
  • Ideal for both commercial and domestic saunas
  • Better temperature control
  • The unit is durable

The disadvantage of using VEVOR Sauna Heater 9KW

Although this electric sauna is a perfect buy and it comes with unmatched specs, its manual is incomplete and you must look for information online on how to use the unit.

Why do we recommend this electric sauna heater?

We recommend this unit because of two reasons. They include:

The unit is customizable

Customization is key when it comes to using saunas. Thanks to control knobs, you can control every aspect of this unit. You can achieve a lot with these options as a sauna user.

The electric sauna heater is safe to use

The safety — of you as a user — is paramount. This unit has sensors which disconnect the unit in case of overheating and more importantly if you forgot to set up temperatures.

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How to choose the best electric sauna heater

Unlike five years ago, there are tens of new brands in this market. Due to market saturation, it is hard to choose the right heater for your sauna. Luckily, you can use the following factors to make the right purchase decision.

Be specific on the power ratings (KW)

When it comes to buying an electric sauna heater, the power ratings should be the first consideration. If your sauna is bigger, you should consider a heater with higher power ratings and if the computational volume is smaller, it is wise to go for a heater with lower power ratings.

If you are uncertain about your sauna’s computational volume, it is advisable to talk to a technician or a professional for estimation. In addition, the golden rule is to buy a heater that matches your sauna’s heating needs.

Choose the best stone capacity

Apart from choosing the right power ratings, you should be specific on the stone capacity. In the world of sauna, the bigger the stone capacity, the better the experience. However, this decision should reflect the sauna’s computational volume.

How do you know the best stone capacity for your sauna when buying an electric heater? The golden rule when determining the stone capacity is to remember that the bigger the capacity, the better the experience.

Do you want a mounted or a standalone heater?

When buying an electric sauna heater, you must make a distinction of which the sauna heater is ideal for you. While this decision is majorly a preference consideration, you should consider these factors. First, small saunas have space limitations and in that case, the mounted electric heaters are ideal. On the other hand, the standalone heaters are ideal for bigger saunas, where space is available.


How to use an electric sauna heater

While there are tens of models in this market, electric sauna heaters have some similarities in terms of design and usages. Here are some guidelines when it comes to using an electric sauna heater.

Prepare the room for sauna bath

Before going to the details, it is advisable to ensure that the sauna is ready for a session. Some of the ways to prepare your space is by ensuring the room is clean and more importantly, you are ready for a bath. Also, it is advisable to remove any item that may be affected by heat during a sauna bath.

Navigate the timer

After preparing the sauna room, the next step is to navigate the timer. All the sauna heaters have timer knobs, which allow you to have control over your sessions. You must tilt the knob until you get the right zone for you. The standard electric sauna heater has three operating zones.

If it is your first time to use a sauna, you should start with shorter baths. Shorter sessions allow your body to adapt to extreme hot conditions.

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Adjust the thermostat

Adjusting the right temperature comes after setting the timer. However, for you to adjust the thermostat the sauna stones must not be densely piled and more importantly, they must not be too small.

For starters, ensure that the thermostat knob is set at the lowest temperature. This setting allows your body to adapt and more importantly, it gives you a chance to increase the temperature once you get used to a particular setting.

You don’t find the right heater, the right sauna heater finds you

Whatever’s important to you, whether it be heat output, energy consumption, or steam, ask those questions first and work backwards to find the right stove for your sauna. You’ll be happy you did.

Sauna heaters are becoming better and more efficient every day. This improvement is an advantage to sauna users, regardless of their budget and the size of their sauna units. As mentioned above, there is always a budget for every unit and therefore, the price tag of sauna heaters should not be the only determinant when investing in a new heater.

Also, it is advisable to appreciate the fact that technology has also influenced how we make purchase decisions. For example, all the units above have a digital controller for better usability. As a user, it is advisable to embrace this trend when buying a unit.

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