Best 1 Person Infrared Sauna Reviews

If you are looking for the best 1 person infrared sauna, you came to the right place.

Saunas are one of the best tools you can use to improve your skin, become healthier, relieve sore muscles, relax and lose weight.  And I want to add an emphasis on the health aspect of saunas.  Raised temperatures cause the body to multiply the white blood cells in your body, thus improving your health.  Your heart rate will increase and more than likely, you’ll break into a sweat.  Overall infrared saunas are really good for your body, for many reasons.

Here are the best single person infrared saunas.

Best 1 Person Infrared Sauna Reviews

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Top 10 Best One Person Infrared Sauna Review 2020


#1: DYNAMIC AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1 Person Far Infrared Sauna

The Dynamic AMZ- DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1 Person Infrared Sauna is the best overall one person sauna for 2020.  Saunas are known to offer many health benefits. Whether you choose to use the sauna for detoxification, relax or get away from people, DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1 Person Far Infrared Sauna is best for you. Just like its title, this sauna comes in one to two people sizes. The following are features of the sauna.  Check latest price here.

DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1 Person Far Infrared Sauna
Photo: DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna – Curbside Shipping

Carbon fibers Heaters

The sauna has six carbon fibers far heaters. The carbon heaters give sufficient heat and distribute it evenly. The infrared waves are connected directly to the body, on the side, front, and around the calves. It comes with a controlling panel, which helps you to control the amount of heat.

Material Used

The sauna is made from the  Canadian hemlock woods. The wood is quality and firm. It gives the sauna a pleasant color that does not collide with home decoration. The hemlock wood has various advantages that make it both durable and robust. The ones used in this sauna are 100% pure.

Sound System And Control Panel

The sauna comes with a sound system with AUX mp3 connected. The sound system allows you to listen to your favorites inside the sauna.

Luxury and Comfort

It comes with towels holders, a place to put the magazines and a system remote. The doors are clear and transparent for safety.


  • It has a sound system for luxury
  • Very private
  • Has a double wall for heat insulation
  • It has a pleasant structure
  • Premium quality sauna


  • Carries a maximum of two people only

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NH Lifestyles Joyous 1 Person Canadian hemlock Wood Far Infrared Sauna

Saunas have a long history and have been around for an extended period. They range from the hot saunas, steam, and now the infrared saunas. They have their origin from Finland, where they were in the underground. Later, people started constructing them on the ground with logs. The innovation then diffused to the rest of the world.

The saunas are simply a room with raised temperatures. The sweat allows your body to get rid of the toxins accumulated in the body. With the advanced technology, various saunas are innovated, from steamed houses heat with infrared waves. The infrared saunas are more effective in terms of penetration compared to the Finnish saunas.  Check latest price here.

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1 Person Canadian Hemlock Wood Far Infrared Sauna
Photo: JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1 Person Canadian Hemlock Wood Far Infrared Sauna

This sauna contains just one person at a go. It’s best to get away from people and regular home routine. It’s a beautiful place to rest and reflect.


The saunas are fixed with carbon fibers far heaters. The heaters are strategically placed on heating the room evenly. The heaters are hanged on the wall and one of them under the bench. Located around the calved, the side and front of the body, the infrared waves get directly into the tissues.

Material Used

Just like its name suggests, the material used in making the sauna is reforested Canadian hemlock wood. The wood is used to make the floor. The bench that comes in handy, and the floor of the sauna. There is something unique and unusual about the forest. It is durable, gives a perfect construction and long-lasting. It is immune to insect savaging. In this particular sauna, they use pure Canadian hemlock wood. The wood has no additives. The doors are transparent for maximum security. They are made of glass with easy to open and lock handles.

Sound System and Control Panel

There is no comparable experience to combine luxurious experience with the best of your collection music. The saunas come with an AUX mp3 connected, with two speakers, remote and Bluetooth enabled.

Luxury and Comfort

Comfort is critical when you think about the sauna, you think about the relaxing and comfortable posture. These saunas come with a big and comfortable seat. The LED lights change the mood into a romantic type. The saunas come with a simple control panel for regulating the heat inside the sauna. Being at the freedom to decide the kind of temperature you want, make the stay way luxurious.

Pros of using this sauna

  • The sauna comes with a simple control panel, which helps you adjust the temperature and prolong your stay in the sauna.
  • The double walls prevent heat loss during the session.
  • The wood used has tanning that prevents insect savaging.
  • The color of the wood is exquisite and does not tamper with your house décor with natural wood decoration.
  • This sauna comes with two-year technical support.

Con of using this sauna

  • The sauna is limited to one person at a time.

Why Do We recommend this sauna?

First and foremost, the sauna comes with technical support for two years. The sauna is easy to assemble with just a screwdriver. With a connected sound system, you will have a fantastic luxurious moment.

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Dynamic “Alicante” 1 person Bio Ceramic Far Infrared Sauna

After a long and tiresome day, the only thing you want is resting and solitude for rewinding. There is no better activity than sitting in a sauna. The experience is both relaxing to the sore muscles, painful joints, and detoxifying. Saunas are famous for the health benefits they offer to their users. The sweating session induces sleep, as well.

Dynamic “Alicante” 1 person Bio Ceramic Far Infrared Sauna, will give you a blissful moment in your house. The infrared waves are placed directly to your body, unlike the conventional saunas. The infrared waves penetrate deeper into the cells, causing high blood circulation, removes toxins, releases the endorphins chemicals in the body, and gives the body rest.  Check latest price here.

Dynamic Alicante 1 person Bio Ceramic Far Infrared Sauna Review
Photo: Dynamic “Alicante” 1 person Bio Ceramic Far Infrared Sauna


This product comes in sizes. They contain one person or two people at a session. Do you want a getaway from a typical environment? One person is perfect for you. For a couple that wants to spend some time together, a two-person choice is ideal for their homestead. The product comes with a control panel, thick and double walls, and a sound system for a perfect session.


The sauna comes with four dynamic bio-ceramic heaters. The heaters are strategically placed on the walls and one under the bench. This placement is meant to heat the room evenly for maximum emission of infrared waves. The best thing about the bio-ceramic heaters is that they heat 100% better than the ordinary stones and steam. They produce a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius, unlike their counterparts, which heat up to 200 degrees Celsius but not as effective in penetration as infrared waves.

Material Used

This product has an exquisite appearance and flattering to the user. Deforested Canadian hemlock wood is used in making the sauna. The color is perfect for any home decoration. One thing you should know about this wood is, the tanning in it prevent ravaging from insects, especially the termites. The manufacturers use pure hemlock wood to ensure your safety. You don’t need unpleasant odors from the mixed up materials when they burn. The wood is substantial and therefore assures you durability. The size is just right for indoors placement and big enough to contain the users comfortably.

Sound System and Control Panel

The sole purpose of using a sauna is to experience pleasurable yet soothing moments. The sauna comes with a plugged sound system with mp3 auxiliary with speakers. The sound system allows you to enjoy your best music. The control panel is meant to regulate the heat within the sauna.

Luxury and Comfort

The sauna has LED lights, which are both energy saving and emit warm and efficient light. LED lights are best in changing the ambiance of the room to an intimate mood. The sauna has a soft double control panel, both interior and exterior surfaces.

Pros of using this sauna

  • The sauna uses dynamic bio-ceramic heaters which are energy saving
  • The LED light gives efficient light and saves energy by 50%.
  • They have the best size and comfortably fit in the room.
  • They offer longevity because of the durable materials used

Con of using this sauna

  • They are quite small for the whole family

Why do we recommend this sauna?

We recommend this sauna because it is flexible, energy-saving and offers the best sauna services at the comfort of your house.

Radiant Saunas BSA2406 One-Person Deluxe Ceramic Infrared Sauna

The sauna offers therapeutic benefits to the body. There’s nothing better than having this luxury at your disposal.  For deep sweating, infrared saunas use infrared waves which are best in penetrating deep inside the tissue. The sweat contains 40% toxins and 60% water. The health benefits of the sauna are immeasurable. With every minute you spend in them you look and feel better.  Check latest price here.

Radiant Saunas BSA2406 1-Person Deluxe Ceramic Infrared Sauna

The two-person deluxe saunas are no exception to the health benefits of a sauna-like increased heart rate, loss of calories and calmed sore muscles. You can enjoy all the health benefits at the comfort of your home with this fantastic sauna.


The sauna is made explicitly for two individuals. It has a full spectrum color therapy, a sound system, a simple control panel. It is made from a Canadian hemlock wood with a dual wall. It comes with an air ionizer for perfect circulation of oxygen within the sauna. The door handles have curves for a sophisticated look.

The material used and construction

The walls are made with Canadian hemlock wood. The manufacturers use the 100% pure wood with zero additives to prevent bad odors during the heating session. The wood is durable, and it makes magnificent structures from its light color and original paintings in it. The making is exquisite and matches with any home decoration. The microbial properties of the wood prevent moulds and mildew.


Far infrared heaters are strategically placed to rejuvenate your body by effectively heating your core temperatures. This fact is achievable by the outfitted heaters directly to specific body parts like the calf, front and side of the body. The results are loosened muscles and eased joint pains. Each radiator is placed to ensure steady heat throughout the body.

Sound system and control panel

The control panel is both users friendly and easy to use. It helps the user to regulate the heat and maximize their stay in the sauna. The sauna has an amazing with an integrated sound system which includes a CD player, a radio, an AUX mp3 player and a remote.

Pros of using this sauna

  • It offers a comfortable backrest with the model of the seat.
  • The model of this sauna is beautiful and sophisticated.
  • The sauna comes with towel hooks and a magazine rack.
  • It offers all the health benefits of infrared saunas.

Cons of using this sauna

  • It contains a maximum of two people per session.

Why we recommend this sauna

It is a masterpiece, gorgeous to behold. It has an extensive sound system to play your favourite audio. Finally, it offers detoxification to the body and boosts the body’s immune system from increased white blood cells in the body.

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Better Life BL6109 1 Person Carbon Infrared Sauna

It’s a natural response that after a long and tiresome day, all a person wants is rest. First and foremost, we all love a quiet moment away from the typical environment to chill and reflect. A sauna is an excellent getaway for a beautiful and relaxing moment. The infrared sauna has a range of health benefits apart from relaxing. The benefits include increased heart rates which convert stored fats into useful energy and hence loss of calories in the body.  Check latest price here. 

BetterLife BL6109 1 Person Carbon Infrared Sauna


Better Life 1 person saunas contain all the health benefits and ensure top-notch luxury inside the sauna. The sauna is easy to assemble with tongue and groove assembly, which provides a solid construction which is easy to break down and change its location. It comes with an installed AUX mp3 which has two premium speakers and a remote. The heaters are carbon fibre far infrared positioned accurately for even distribution of heat.

Construction and material used

The material used determines how long the structure last. The material is the primary ingredient in any sauna. Due to the intense heating during the session, the wood used is prone to cracking. The manufacturers, therefore, consider that during the construction. Canadian hemlock wood is the material used in making this sauna. It has a great legacy in building a long-lasting ladder, houses and hard furniture. A gap is left in between the two walls to ensure that the walls expand and contract with ease curbing the breakage. The tannings in the wood prevent it from insect ravaging.

Carbon fiber heaters

Heat and its source is another consideration when selecting a sauna. In this sauna, eight better life carbon infrared heaters are strategically placed; first to distribute heat equally in the sauna and secondly to have contact with the body. The infrared waves are mainly directed to the body, to ensure that the temperatures are raised to the core for a useful sauna session. The heaters are plugged into 15 amp 110-volt outlet, and no electrical wiring is required. Besides, the floor heaters have low watts to ensure that your feet enjoy the sensation at comfortable temperatures.

Sound system and control panel

Enjoy the sauna with a soft both interior and exterior LED control panel. The control panel has a friendly interface to ensure that you regulate the heat produced in the sauna. The LED material is an excellent material for heat conservation. The sauna comes with a great sound system, which is AUX mp3, with a remote and on and off button.

Pros of using this sauna

  • The sauna offers health benefits like detoxification, opening skin pores and increasing heart rates for smooth blood circulation.
  • It comes with a sound system to maximize your sensation and relaxation as you enjoy your favorite audio collection.
  • The sauna uses LED products which consume low energy.
  • This sauna is beautiful to look at and fits anywhere in the house.

Cons of using this sauna

  • It is limited to a maximum of two individuals.

Why we recommend it

Apart from the obvious great health benefits that come with this sauna, it has a fantastic look which will not tamper with home decoration. The sauna comes with seven years warranty on heating elements, three years for wood and a year for limited.

Radiant Saunas BSA2400 1 Person Hemlock Ceramic Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas produce heat that permeates more in-depth into the body tissues, which in turn calms nerves eases the joint pains and causes the body to lose sweat with toxins. You should know that saunas are not only meant to give you a pleasurable moment but enhance health for you and the family in the comfort of your home. The longer you stay, the better you feel and look. What a great way to enjoy the benefits with the Hemlock Ceramic sauna.  Check latest price here.

Radiant Saunas BSA2400 1 Person Hemlock Ceramic Infrared Sauna


The sauna contains a maximum of two adults in every session. Canadian hemlock wood is the primary material used in construction. It uses ceramic heaters strategically placed for maximum heat distribution. The iron bronze-tinted glass doors make them both sophisticated and add privacy. The sound system is built-in with a CD port, AUX mp3 with a remote and Bluetooth enabled.

The material used in construction

In this sauna, pure Canadian hemlock wood is the primary material. The wood is best known for its durability factors. The sheer material is meant to ensure that no funny odours are produced when the wood is heated. The woods have tanning which prevents any form of ravaging from the insect. The structure is portable since it has a straightforward assembly. It blends easily with home décor because of its light colour. Finally, the wood creates exquisite arrangements and hence perfect for this indoors sauna.

Ceramic heaters

The heaters are intentionally positioned to serve two purposes. One, they are placed strategically to ensure that the heat takes the full coverage in the room. Secondly, they are placed adjacent to the calves, one side of the body and the front, to ensure the infrared waves get in contact with the body for core heating the body tissues. The ceramic heaters plugged in an outlet socket with 110 volts and 15amp.

Sound system and control panel

Enjoy this sauna with a user-friendly and straightforward LED control panel. It has a simple interface for regulating the amount of heat and duration.  The control panel is intuitive and hence, easy to operate. LED products are perfect because they consume very little energy.

The sound system comes with a radio, a CD port and two premium speakers with on and off button. The sound system ensures that you enjoy your favorite podcast, audiobook or playlist at the comfort of your sauna.

Pros of using this sauna

  • The infrared waves ensure that you enjoy soothing muscles and aching joints.
  • It is made for small spaces and can fit in any room in the house.
  • The sauna is perfect for a couple. For a couple that ones to have intimate talks, this is the best sauna for you.
  • The doors and windows are tinted with bronze to enhance privacy.
  • It is easy to assemble with the buckle construction.

Cons of using this sauna

  • The bronze-tinted glass may not augur well with security measures.

Why we recommend the sauna

It is one of the best gets away to plan for a couple. For one, it has tinted glasses which allow the user to have some privacy. The sauna has seamless colour which does not tamper with the home décor.

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JNH Lifestyles MG101RB Freedom Infrared Sauna

Perfect things come in small packages like this one person sauna. After a long and tiresome day, you get to enjoy the luxurious and comfortable sauna experience in the comfort of your home. The saunas offer significant health benefits like soothing the muscles, detoxification, lose of calories, etc. within this one person sauna, you enjoy all that and more. The following are the features that make it both adorable and unique.  Check latest price here. 

JNH Lifestyles MG101RB Freedom Infrared Sauna


This sauna is perfect for homes with limited space and for a person who loves the privacy of their own company. It is a one-person sauna that is crafted with pure Canadian red cedar. The material is famous for both the traditional and infrared saunas. The sauna has large and transparent doors and windows to eliminate any potential claustrophobia feeling. The sauna has a total of six carbon fiber heaters, and the walls are double wooden for heat insulation.

Other specifications

The construction is through the tongue and groove method. The choice makes the sauna efficient and durable. Each wood effortlessly slides into the other. A gap left between the slats allows the wood to expand and contract naturally without cracking. The wall is dual wooded to ensure that the heat produced within the sauna does not escape. The double-wall protects your wall from external hazards, and whatever happened on the exterior does not affect the interior side. The sauna has clear and tempered glass. The tempered glass endures high temperatures and is exceptionally durable.

Materials used in construction

Unlike most saunas that are constructed with Canadian hemlock, this sauna made with 100% Canadian red cedar wood. The wood has excellent features like the beautiful red color, which gets darker with age. It oozes tremendous and relaxing aroma all its life span. Red cedar is insects and mold resistant, and it does not get affected by the weather at all. Its rich red color, texture, and the pleasant scent make it perfect for relaxing moments inside the sauna.

Advanced infrared carbon fiber heaters

The sauna outfitted with six-carbon far infrared heater panels. The panels are strategically positioned to ensure even distribution of heat inside the cabin. The infrared heat comes from the whole surface area of the panel to eliminate any chance of hot spots. The placement of these heaters ensures that your body gets in contact with the infrared waves for a productive sauna session.

Sound system and control panel

Relax and enjoy your favorite audio collection at the comfort of your sauna. The sound system is the premium kind with two premium speakers, with a Bluetooth and controller to adjust the volume to prevent the device exposure to the high temperatures in the cabin.

The digital control panel is designed with a simple interface to help you adjust the heat within the sauna and set the time duration. It allows you to relax and enjoy yourself until you hear an audible voice warning you that the session is over.

Pros of using this sauna

  • It offers the body a relaxing moment and soothes sore muscles and calms the nerves.
  • It contains one person and hence best for privacy and getaway.
  • The red cedar wood produces a relaxing aroma to the user.
  • It has a simple control panel that helps you regulate the heat and set the time.

Cons of the sauna

  • The tampered clear doors and windows expose you and the not so fit for privacy.

JNH Lifestyles NE1HB Ensi Infrared Sauna

Saunas have various purposes, and the most important one is the luxurious and peaceful moments it offers to its users. In this era, people want to have everything they need in the comfort of their homes. Saunas are not exempted from the things one needs to have around their homestead. Saunas have many health benefits, among them; relaxed muscles, unclogged breathing system, perfect blood circulation, and release feel-good chemicals in the body.

All the benefits above are possible within your homestead with JNH Lifestyles NE1HB Ensi Infrared Sauna. This sauna is made to contain a single person at a time. Its size is perfect for the interior room and does not clash with the house decoration. For infrared saunas, electromagnetic fields are a significant concern. For this product, they are, and they have very low EMF and hence do not risk your health.  Check latest price here.

JNH Lifestyles NE1HB Ensi Infrared Sauna


The product has a firm, perfect, and durable structure. They use carbon fibers far heaters that are strategically placed for an efficient heated room. They come with a sound system with two speakers for maximum and quality sound. The walls are double wooded for heat insulation and easily assembled using a screwdriver.

Carbon fibers heaters

JNH Lifestyles NE1HB Ensi Infrared Sauna has six low EMF carbon fibers. The radiators are strategically fixed in the room to ensure that the place is efficiently and evenly heated. The sauna comes with a simplified control panel for adjusting the room temperature. The best thing about infrared sauna they serve their purpose effectively without raising the temperature to uncomfortable limits. With temperature as high as 130 degrees Celsius, the infrared waves penetrate the tissues.

 Material used

The sauna has an amazingly strong structure. Reforested Canadian hemlock wood is used in making the sauna. The wood has a flattering look that does not tamper with house decoration at all. This quality of wood is immune to insects ravaging or destruction. The wall is double wooded with the purpose of heat insulation. The Canadian hemlock wood is robust softwood specified for finishing building with ceiling or the cupboards. It is very light and hence makes it perfect for sauna construction.

Sound system

For top-notch luxury, this sauna has a sound system within it. The sound system comes with two speakers, a volume control, Bluetooth enables, and an on and off button.

Luxury and comfort

The wood used in construction is 100% pure. It has zero chemical additives hence does not produce funny odor during the heating session. The use of LED lights which not only illuminates the room, but they offer an intimate and warm ambiance.

Pros of using this sauna

  • The sauna has a double wall and therefore contains its heat within it, preventing excessive use of electrical energy.
  • This sauna has minimal electrical wiring, and the heaters are hanged on a 110 volts and 15amps socket.
  • It has durable materials and require minimal repair.
  • They are ridiculously light, delivered at your doorsteps.
  • The heaters are strategically placed; hence, heat is preserved in the process.

Cons of using this sauna

  • They can only contain one person at a time.

Why do we recommend it?

The sauna is beautiful and firmly structured. The assembling process is easy and fast, with just a screwdriver. It offers the best sauna services without hiking electricity bills.

Empava EMPV-SR-H1 sauna

What an excellent way to relax and reflect while enjoying great health benefits? The infrared saunas are popular with their ability to penetrate the body tissues with the infrared waves. They are instrumental compared to traditional saunas, which are both uncomfortable and shallow effects on the body.

Empava EMPV-SR-H1 1 persona Sauna

The saunas come from a rich tradition of relaxing and inducing sleep, boosts the immune system by multiplying the white blood cells and converting the stored fats into useful energy. With this sauna, you get to enjoy all the health benefits in the comfort of your home. The following features show you how amazing this sauna is for you and the family.


The sauna utilizes the recently discovered infra wave far heat, which is popular with low EMF emissions. It is crafted with the Canadian hemlock wood, with durable and stainless construction. The sauna is easy to assemble, and it offers long-lasting years of relieving muscles and stress-free days. It has comfortable seats for 1 adults with a backbench that runs the back wall. It has an easy LED control panel for heat regulation. This infrared sauna is outfitted with six carbon fiber heaters and comes with a functional sound system.

Carbon fiber far infrared heaters

The sauna is outfitted with six low EMF carbon fiber heaters. They are located ideally to heat the room evenly and ensure that you get in contact with the heat and infrared waves. The heaters emit from 5-12 microns wavelength, which highly benefits the human body. The heaters are placed near the calves, the side, and the front side of the body.

The heating panels produce the heat from the whole surface area to prevent potential hot spots. The heaters are plugged an outside sourced socked, which has 110volts and 15amp power. The heaters usually operate for about 25 minutes to reach the required 124 degrees.

Materials used in construction

This beautiful and compact is crafted with 100% Canadian hemlock wood. The wood is perfect for making durable and sturdy constructions. The wood is pure with no chemical additives pr plywood.  It has tanning that makes it immune to any form of insects or molds. The wood comes with the original paintings that make it both stunning and flattering to the home décor.

The sauna comes with tempered glass doors and windows. The tempered glasses withhold high temperature without breaking and hence assures you its longevity.

Sound system and control panel

Enjoy the relaxing and luxurious moments of the sauna with your favorite radio, audiobook, podcast, or the playlist. This sauna has an excellent inbuilt AUX mp3 with a radio, two premium speakers, Bluetooth, and a remote.

It has a duo exterior and interior control panel. The control panel has a friendly interface that makes it easy for you to effortlessly regulate the amount of heat in the sauna and set the time duration inside the cabin.

Pros of using this sauna

  • The sauna is thoughtfully designed and spotless.
  • It is compact, appealing, and works perfectly.
  • No special electrical wiring needed because the heaters are plugged in a 110V/15Amp socket.
  • The heaters produce a very even heat.

Cons of using this sauna

  • The floor is hard to clean, but with a sponge stick, you can clean the space between the slats.

Why we recommend this sauna

It is easy to assemble, occupies a tiny surface area, incredibly gorgeous, and it looks classy.

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SunRay Barrett 1 person infrared sauna

Compared to traditional saunas, infrared saunas are, in so many ways, better, luxurious, and practical. Research shows that infrared heats penetrates the skin to tissues and heat the body to the core. Traditional saunas heat the surface, and the effect is low compared to infrared. In other words, you can have this recent, and low EMF approves sauna and experience all the health benefits daily. The following are the features that make this sauna a must-have and incredibly crafted.  Check latest price here.

SunRay Barrett 1 Person Infrared Sauna review


The sauna carries 1 people depending on the size. It is outfitted with five carbon nano infrared heater to release you from stress and relieve your sore joints and muscles. The heat is evenly dispersed in the sauna. It is effortless to assemble with just a screwdriver. It comes with an easy LED control panel and a fantastic sound system with FM radio, CD, and mP3. It comes with ergonomic backrest for resting during the session. The sauna has a dual-wall for heat insulation.

Materials used in construction

The sauna is crafted with the Canadian hemlock wood. The wood is both appealing and durable and emits a soothing aroma. It is easy to put it together with the tongue and groove method, meaning it is easy to break it down and change its location. The walls are double wooded to ensure heat insulation and protect the sauna from external hazards like holes. The wood is not prone to insect ravaging and mold. The space between the slats allows the wood to expand and contract without stress cracking and, therefore, can fit in an enclosed place like a basement.

Carbon- nano infrared heaters

Heaters are the most important in the sauna. In this one, five carbon- nano infrared heaters are outfitted on the wall to heat the sauna. They are strategically positions for evenly dispersed heat. Also, they are accurately placed to ensure that the bodies get in touch with the infrared wave as they get smoothly heated. The heaters are plugged in a 110V/15amp heat socket and take half an hour to reach the recommended temperature.

Sound system and control panel

The sauna has an inbuilt sound system. The sound system is FM enabled, CD player port, and AUX mp3 for your audio needs. Relax and enjoy your favorite playlist, a podcast, an audiobook with this fantastic sound system.

The sauna comes with an easy to use LED control panel to regulate the heat produced in the sauna. Adjusts the duration you want in the sauna, when the time set is over, an audible voice will inform you.

Pros of using this sauna

  • It is straightforward to assemble with just a screwdriver.
  • It comes with a magazine rack and towels hangers.
  • It soothes the muscles and joint and opens the skin pores making you look a and feeling fabulous.
  • All the lights are LED, which uses less energy and creates a warm and intimate ambiance.

Cons of using this sauna

  • It carries a capacity of two people per session and hence not suitable for a larger family.


Things to consider for Buying 1 person infrared saunas

When buying a one-person infrared sauna, there are several factors to consider for a durable and quality sauna. The following factors will guide you before making your purchase.

Sauna Materials

When you decide to buy a sauna, you should consider the materials used in making them. The reason you are doing your research is to ensure you don’t blunder in getting a quality sauna. Materials used are paramount for any construction. There is a variety of wood used in making quality saunas like the Canadian hemlock, basswood, aspen, and spruce. Consider pure woods with no chemical additives.

You don’t want noxious odors coming from the wood when heated. Hemlock wood, for example, has tanning, which prevents termites from ravaging it. When you finally decide which materials to settle for, ensure that the wood does not clash with your home decoration. Quality saunas have perfect colors that do not tamper with your décor.

Sauna Craftsmanship

After you consider the materials you want for your sauna, consider its design. The complete look is very crucial for the sauna. A well-designed sauna has a double wall for heat insulation. The wall makes a sauna strong and durable. To preserve energy, the double-wall works as the insulator.

Apart from the wall, consider the seat that comes with the sauna. The bench should be comfortable since it’s a resting and reflecting place. You don’t need to feel neasy in a place meant for luxury. The choice of doors should be your concern. Best saunas have transparent doors that are easy to open and lock.

Sauna Heaters and their placement

In a sauna, heat is the primary ingredient. It is the center of the whole sauna. When making plans on what to settle for, consider the type of heaters you want for your sauna. They range from ceramic to firewood, and now the carbon fibers heaters. The latter is known to be the best in this era. It is the latest technology in the sauna business. The heat in these saunas is bearable compared to the traditional saunas. They are meant to increase your therapy time for maximum experience.

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They come in numbers considering the size you need for your sauna.

They give efficient heat for an extended period. In the infrared saunas, heaters placement is vital. They concentrate on having contact with the body parts for efficient transmission of infrared wavelength. They are mostly placed at the front of your body, side, and at the calves.

Sauna Safety

It is a significant concern when it comes to safety in saunas. Since, in these saunas, electricity is the source of heat, people raise the issue on the electromagnetic fields. EMF is harmful to the body. It is legit to have doubts since this type of sauna uses infrared waves and electric currents. However, quality infrared saunas have less EMF emission and are safe to use.

Apart from the electromagnetic fields, a simple safety in the wiring is paramount. You don’t need to experience electrocute in the saunas. Luckily, today, new technology has allowed the sauna to have zeroed electric wiring. How? You may ask. Some saunas come with hanging heaters. You only need a 120 volts socket, which you plug in your radiator. This technology ensures safety in infrared saunas.

Things you should know before getting in the infrared saunas

You have already purchased a sauna, so how do you use it? Follow the following to ensure safety

  • Take a lot of water to replace the water lost during the sweat session.
  • Cut off the alcohol before visiting a sauna or during the session. Alcohol is a high dehydrating solvent.
  • Ensure that your posture is straight. The main reason here is to allow the quantity of infrared wave absorption.
  • Schedule your sauna time according to your needs. For people who lack sleep, an early evening session is the best.

How to choose a one-person infrared sauna

When using a sauna, many people have their expectations, especially when it comes to detoxification purposes of a sauna. In Finnish saunas, which are the traditional type, the heat in it is produced from heated stones. The heated rocks raise the temperatures of the room, which causes the user to sweat. In infrared saunas, they use the infrared waves directly to the body, which goes more rooted in the body tissues.

In other words, infrared saunas are more effective compared to traditional ones. Research shows that in detoxification, Finnish saunas remove 3% toxins and 97% water. Infrared waves, on the other hand, 30% toxins and 70% water, are the sweat content. That shows you how much you need an infrared sauna in your home. You should know that the infrared waves are very safe for humans. They are not only safe to use, but they are highly used to keep premature babies and animals in the incubators.

The following factors should help you in choosing a one-person infrared sauna

The size of the sauna

Size is a vital aspect. When selecting a one-person sauna, you should consider its weight. Many companies have reasonable scales that weigh as low as 300lbs. When it comes to size, look for an item that fits in your room comfortably. The good thing about one person sauna, they are delivered to you assembled, ready for use.

The material used in construction

The material used in making is way essential. You don’t want a sauna that needs repair now and then. To secure that area, go for a high-quality wood. The woods are the primary material used and so, get the high quality. Woods vary in terms of durability and color. Go for saunas made from Canadian hemlock woods. The wood is high quality, immune from insects ravaging, and its color is exquisite and doesn’t clash your home décor.

For security purposes, go for pure wood which has no additives. You don’t want the woods to emit obnoxious odor during the session. For the doors, transparent doors are safe to use. Get entries that easy to open and lock.

A sauna with a sound system

To top the relaxing moment, today’s saunas are accompanied by a sound system. The sound system comes with a remote, speakers, and Bluetooth enabled. To top up your moment, get a one-person sauna with a sound system.

Get acquainted with the source of heat

The source of heat is critical to know as the user. You don’t want a sauna that is hard to maintain in terms of bills. Today, sauna manufacturers have come with carbon fibers lights. You should know that the infrared saunas use electricity as the source of heat. The carbon fibers heaters are energy savers that offer a sufficient and even amount of heat in the saunas.

Lighting bulbs

The light used in the saunas serves the purpose of lighting and adds magic to the experience. LED lamps are safe to use, and they use 50% energy compared to ordinary bulbs. They add romantic ambiance making your experience a bliss.

Advantages & benefits of one person infrared sauna

Do you love solitude or getaway to reflect and relax? Then the one person infrared sauna is the best solution for you. Studies show that 30 minutes in a sauna has a more significant effect on your body than a heavy and tiresome workout or jogging for 30 minutes. The following are the advantages of frequently using one person infrared sauna.

It results in increased body metabolism

According to the studies, relaxing in a sauna has an effect on the body like a person jogging. To make it even better, you burn a lot of calories in the sauna than you would be jogging in the same amount of time. When the infrared waves penetrate the body, they increase the body temperatures to the core resulting in increased heart rates. You see, when you are seated in the sauna, your body is hard at work producing heavy sweat. The sweating is meant to curb the increased body temperatures, pumping the blood, and converting the stored fats into usable energy.

The result of increased temperatures causes the body to produce sweat to cool itself, and in the process, heart rates are provoked to boost blood circulation. The result is improved body metabolism result in burnt calories, dilated blood vessels, and relaxed muscles and joints.

It causes relief on the sore muscles

After a long aerobic workout, the body, especially the tissue and joints become inflamed. It becomes hard for you to perform simple tasks like walking or carrying out simple house chores.

Naturally, muscles relax when the tissues are warm. The advantages of relaxed muscles are flexibility when walking and natural motion. When the body is subjected to the infrared heat, the heat permeated penetrates deep inside the soft tissues. The result is dilated peripheral blood vessels bringing relaxation to the muscles and other soft tissue injuries.

The sauna session results in a boosted immune system

Are you having trouble beating that frequent cold or flu? Do you feel like your body gets easily knocked down by recurring illness? Well, to solve this can be as simple as sitting in a sauna frequently.

When the infrared heat raises the body temperature to the core, it induces an artificial fever. The body interprets the high temperature as the fever. The body produces massive white blood cells to fight the antigens. The white blood cells are one of the blood components, which act as the guard in the body and fights all the illnesses. So, in other words, you can challenge other diseases from a sauna session.

It is the best ways to detox the body

One of the enormous sauna health benefits is its ability to increase blood rates, circulation, and stimulating the sweat glands to produce sweat. You should know that the body is designed to regulate its temperatures, and when they go high, it produces sweat to cool it.

Science proves that sweat is a component of water and accumulated body toxins. Recently, the result showed that with infrared saunas, the body excretes 30% toxins and 70% water. This process results in a healthy and functioning body.

Reduces stress and fatigue and glowing skin

The highest reason that makes people own a sauna is the relaxation and therapeutic results of a sauna session. You feel relaxed, glowing skin,  energized, and sometimes sleepy. This result has its roots in body physiology.

When the body is subjected to high temperatures, the pores open, allowing the blood vessels on the skin surface. The blood releases oxygen and other nutrients on the skin, leaving it looking glorious. On the other hand, the body releases endorphins, which is a chemical released to cause the feeling of a pleasant sensation. The compounds relieve you from stress and fatigue. You can check also – Sauna vs Steam Room

FAQs on 1 person Infrared sauna

When something becomes widespread, it is prone to research, questions, and sometimes critique. The saunas are popular because of the health benefits they offer, relaxation, and therapeutic feeling. They have been around for over 50 years now, and people get curious if what they hear is true and proven. The following are the frequently asked questions about infrared one person sauna.

How do I use my infrared sauna?

It is a legit question. First of all, regardless of the model you purchased, all the infrared saunas have significant health benefits, especially detoxification. The posture you choose when enjoying the sauna session depends entirely on the model of the sauna. Most of the infrared saunas have their heaters strategically placed to make sure your body gets in touch with infrared waves for effectiveness. Some models come with leaning seats, and all you got to do is sit, lean, and enjoy.

Do I require outsourced electrical wiring?

Well, when it comes to heat, people are very particular. It would be risky to have electrical wires passing through the small cabin. The manufacturers have come with the new technology of zero wiring. All you require is 110 volts and 15amp power to plug in the heaters.

What is the required voltage for the heater’s socket?

Sometimes depending on the model and the sauna company, the voltage may differ. Nevertheless, you will never go wrong with a 120V/ 15Amp socket. Some companies will indicate the type of outlet you require in the manual.

What is the best wood for my sauna?

Material is the most crucial aspect when you are looking for a durable one person sauna. In this case, go for sustainable wood, insect ravaging, and mold resistant and the wood that does not crack when temperatures rise in the sauna. The wood should not mess with home decoration. The pleasant scent is an added advantage. Canadian Hemlock and Canadian red cedar are good examples of perfect wood for your sauna.

What is the best size for my one-person sauna?

The best way to go about the question is by having you answer where you want to place the sauna. Nevertheless, a one-person sauna is designed to fit in the room. Most companies manufacture petite saunas that can easily fit anywhere in the room. You can check also Infrared Sauna Facts And FAQs

In conclusion, it is orderly to say that saunas are a must-have in any homestead. They range in color, design shapes, and size, but they offer the same health and physical benefits. In this age, so many designs are available, which are meant to make the sauna both luxurious and practical. With the above information, you can choose a sauna that is perfect for your daily needs.

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