About iSaunaReviews

iSaunaReviews is a versatile brand with a vast interest in saunas. Through our site, we try to answer all critical questions potential buyers might have on different saunas. We also believe in information, especially prior to investing in a sauna. We, therefore, offer an in-depth analysis of different saunas, why you should buy them, and, more importantly, we help potential customers to make the right purchasing decisions.

Why should you consider I Sauna Reviews when planning to buy a sauna?

We have assisted thousands of clients in making rational decisions on saunas. We have also helped potential customers in demystifying marketing language used in this niche.

Mission of iSaunaReviews

Our mission as iSaunaReviews is to inform and educate sauna customers. It is our duty as an entity to ensure that customers — and potential customers — have enough information about different saunas in the market. Our mission is also to create a good rapport with customers — regardless of where they are on the globe.

Our Vision

Our vision as iSaunaReviews is to be the future of Sauna analysis and reviews. It is also our vision — as a company — to be the landmark of truthful and critical analysis of saunas and sauna parts. Being the best — to us as iSaunaReviews — means going the extra mile of digging deep on each product through testing and, more importantly, evaluate if the sauna is worth investing or not.

How We Review?

As iSaunaReviews, we believe we have a duty of helping buyers understand different saunas. In order to achieve that, we use the following criteria;

First, we review saunas that we have bought, rented, or borrowed. Analyzing and writing reviews on products that we can test and use helps us in being truthful and, more importantly, accurate. This approach sets our reviews apart from other generic reviews in the market.

Second, for better organization, we classify all saunas using the following guideline.

  • Performance of each sauna
  • Durability of saunas
  • The easiness to use the sauna
  • Price points
  • Features

Finally, we are also synonymous with straightforward comparisons between saunas from different companies with the sole purpose of helping customers in decision making.

Why you should trust our Reviews

Our reviews are authentic

As one of the few companies reviewing saunas, we believe in authenticity. We believe that authenticity is critical in analyzing and examining saunas. In order to have authentic reviews, we test each sauna using our trusted checklist. Each review is a perfect reflection of what you should expect from each sauna.

All saunas are tried and tested

The best way to review saunas — according to us — is by testing and taking saunas through our testing procedures. Our experts test all sauna’s features to make sure that the customer gets the best perception on each piece.

We have a holistic approach to reviews

Unlike most entities in this unique market, we believe that the perfect sauna is well rounded. Therefore, our reviews check all sauna’s performance, durability, features, and, more importantly, user interface.

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